Huckabee: Obama Is Going To Lose Black Support Over DOMA Decision

Fine, radio host Herman Cain — whose name, like so many unbearable others, is attached to the phrase “possible presidential candidate” — won the week for Insanely Stupid Things Said About Obama’s DOMA Decision by arguing “it is a breach of presidential duty bordering on treason” for the president to just up and decide Section 3 of the federal law is unconstitutional and unworthy of defending. But it’s Mike Huckabee, who’s said one two three moronic things about DOMA and Obama this week, who’s really in it to win it. Because here’s Entry 4: Obama’s decision means he’s “alienated the African American community. Overwhelmingly, they support traditional marriages more than Hispanics and more than whites. Within the white community it’s about 56 percent, 65 percent in the Hispanic, 75 in the African American community.” Oh good going, Obama, pissing off the blacks just when you started getting some love from the gays.

Except, what’s this, even members of the black community you’d most expect to be furious with Obama — religious types — aren’t going to run away from him? Don’t tell me Huckabee’s theorizing could have flaws!

“It’s hypocritical and it’s dishonest because when he ran for president, Chris, he said that he supported traditional marriage,” Huckabee told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday. “He is on the record. Now, the question is, was he dishonest then, is he dishonest now or did he change his view? And if he did, when and why?”

Funny thing is, here I agree with Huckabee. WHAT CHANGED MR. PREZEEEDINT? Tell us, what new legal theory did you and AG Eric Holder discover buried between the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that you haven’t seen before?