If Lesbian Identical Twin Rockers Tegan and Sara Donate To Haiti Relief, Will You?

We know they hate when fansgirls focus on their sexuality, but: Identical lesbian twin indie rockers Tegan and Sara hit the WWW about how sad the devastation and suffering in Haiti has made them. So to help out, they’re donating 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of three different posters during their current Canadian tour, which is, uh, reason to start putting posters up on your bedroom wall again?

The International Red Cross estimates some three million people were affected by Haitian, and officials there believe that up to 200,000 have died as a result of the disaster.

You can do your part too to help Haiti; you can even choose your niche. You can help out HIV+ Haitians. If you don’t want to give to the Red Cross (since they regularly refuse gay men’s blood) you can donate to the Rainbow World Fund’s Haiti relief effort instead. Or you can educate yourself by watching brilliant lesbian politico Rachel Maddow‘s continuing coverage on the Haitian crisis.

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