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If Nancy Pelosi’s Prediction That DADT Will Die This Year Is Wrong, She’ll Let You Blame Obama For It

Nancy Pelosi, speaking yesterday at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund’s Leadership Awards in D.C., continued mocking The Gays’ patience by insisting DADT would be dead by the end of the year. Oh Nance, haven’t we been through this before?

She was promising the exact same thing in May, before the Senate clusterfuck this month. But the House speaker apparently knows of a plan that we don’t: the White House’s super secret powers that even President Obama doesn’t claim to have!

DADT “will be gone by executive — that will happen with or without Congress. … I don’t think it has to depend on whether it passes the Senate. The process will work its way through and the president will make his pronouncement.”

Wait a second? So the end of DADT begins with the White House? “That’s where it was anyway,” Pelosi told reporters.

HUH! Because I really think she should have a conversation with the president about that, because he seems to disagree. Or are we exactly at the same place as we were in Summer 2009, when leaders at the Pentagon, Congress, and the executive branch all pointed the finger at each other and said, No, you take care of this.

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  • jason

    Why is the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund even allowing this abhorrent woman to speak at their event? Sorry, Nancy, but we’re sick of your lies. We’re no longer going to let ourselves be fooled by vote-seeking Democrats.

  • toyotabedzrock

    She passed DADT repeal, she cannot control the senate.

  • reason

    @jason: Yeah, I would find it difficult to attack Nancy when she did indeed already pass DADT repeal in her chamber. She has done her part.

  • TonyD

    If DADT is dead at the end of this year, Paris Hilton is the Virgin Mother!

  • James Davis

    @reason: While it is true she did do her part, she also never once said DADT will be dead as long as the Senate and President go along with my work in the House. She said DADT will be dead by years end. If you are going to put the hyperbole out there, you have to also live with the failure be it directly yours or not.

  • TommyOC

    @James Davis: I agree with your point. If Nancy had said, “I will make sure the House passes DADT repeal by year’s end,” she’d be looked upon as a saint for meeting her obligation.

    Word choice is important, kiddos.

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