Bill Andersen in the 'Inside Out' short 'Riley's First Date?'

The DisneyPixar film Inside Out 2 hitting theaters two days before Father’s Day? All too fitting, since the internet has been lusting after Bill Andersen (voiced by Kyle MacLachlan), the daddy of the Inside Out film series, for nearly a decade now.

Animated films have given us other DILFs—The Little Mermaid’s King Triton and his magnificent beard, Moana’s Tui and his hulking muscles, Hercules’ Zeus and his heaving chest, Raya and the Last Dragon’s Benja and his preternatural prettiness, to cite prominent examples.

But Riley’s dad from Inside Out has inspired a fervor like few others. 

Just take the BuzzFeed article in which Christian Zamora writes: “Dad is A M-A-N-W-H-O-C-A-N-T-U-R-N-M-E-I-N-S-I-D-E-O-U-T. Dark features. Perfect teeth. And a modest ass. Dad’s got it all.”

The Inside Out 2 team almost couldn’t replicate that pixelated perfection: Production designer Jason Deamer told Polygon that Riley’s dad was “weirdly hard” to recreate for the sequel.

“We have his actual face geometry… and it didn’t look like him!” Beamer said.

“All we ended up doing was taking his eyes and doing that [makes a gesture indicating furrowing the character’s brows and pushing them forward a little more]. I swear to God. And then it was like, Oh, there he is!

There he is, indeed. After all these years, people still want to take Bob Andersen’s mustache for a ride, as these X posts illustrate.

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