Philippines Catholic Cardinal Rosales caused a stir yesterday when he denounced gays marching in the annual Santacruzan festivals, which honor the Virgin Mary. In addition, he’s now declared that any parish that allows gays to march with them will find their Mass privileges revoked for entertaining such “sacrilege” and “insult.” Can he really do that? [LifeSite]

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  • noah

    It’s an event for women! Why can’t women have an event for them? Men, gay or straight, are not mothers.

    This is about freedom of religion and also respecting the place of women. The gay men who want to participate will dress as women; but it’s a farce since they don’t understand what it means to be a woman unless the men are actually transgender women.

    I don’t agree with the Catholic Church on many issues, but a religion has a right to control its rituals. Moreover, given the sexism in the Church, there aren’t many places for women. Why must men feel they have a right intrude on something that is all their own?

    Gay men need to find a different place to find their connection with God and themselves.

    Why not have Catholics push their way into a synagogue to celebrate God because Jesus was a Jew?

    I understand wanting to fit in and be part of society, but one oppressed group trampling on another oppressed group

  • jourdain

    OK..which is it? This article says just gays in general, and the linked artlicle states that gay men wanted to dress in drag and portray the saints. Even though I’m an anti-Catholic fag, I can see their point if it’s the latter. It’s disrespectul period, more so if you share that faith.

  • cathleen

    i have no problems with gays.
    they are bubly and fun to be wtih.

    maybe they just want to express their freedom.

    still, there are limitations to that liberty,
    which they should be aware of.

    i am against gay santacruzan.
    but i’m not against homos.

    hey peepz (i’m talking to the gays here),
    you don’t have to let us know that u exist by showing off.
    we are aware that you’re all living with us.
    know your limits. don’t go beyond the line.

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