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Introducing ‘Uber for Escorts,’ an app that makes finding an escort safer and more efficient

Do you need to hire an escort but you’re not sure where to look? Are the M4M pages of Craigslist a little too sketchy for you? Are you low on cash but you’ve got space on your credit card?

Well, search no further!

Rendevu is a new app specifically for escorts and their customers. Widely considered the “Uber for escorts,” it allows sex workers post real time availability, list their prices, and display customer ratings.

The UK-based app also allows clients to book appointments within five minutes–five minutes!–and enter their credit card info to pay for services.

In other words: No more leaving the money on the nightstand.

It’s also being praised for making sex work safer, as the appointment process involves an ID confirmation and all appointments are privately tracked. Once the appointment is over, the data is erased, meaning nobody knows it ever even happened. Clever, no?

“People never think about online security from the point of view of a sex industry worker,” CEO Reuben Coppa told the Daily Mail in a recent interview. “But they arguably need it more than any other professional.”

Rendevu only recently launched but it appears to be on the up and up. It just secured $700,000 in a recent round of funding, making it the only funded app in its niche.

“We’re a technology company entering adult services, not the other way around,” says Coppa. “This gives us a unique perspective on the industry and helps us solve safety, efficiency and usability issues effectively.”

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  • ChrisK

    Yeah, asking for credit card information is going to go over real well in this industry I imagine.

    • Daniel-Reader

      Also, businesses are required to maintain transaction records for many years so erasing a transaction from the grand scheme of things is impossible with so many elements involved in such transactions (cc company, issuing bank, merchant, tax entities, etc.).

  • redcarpet30

    Uhm how is this not going to wind up like Rentboy?

    • Tobi

      The owners of Rentboy were idiots, they didn’t domicile the co. in a country or a state where prostitution is legal, as Rentmen, Rentmasseur et al have done.

    • Tobi

      *Rendevu is registered in New South Wales, Australia, where prostitution is legal.

    • Daniel-Reader

      Does not matter where company is registered because it is where the transaction of “goods & services” takes place that governs the law surrounding it and the participants. Also, credit card companies have terms of service that preclude illegal activities in any given applicable jurisdiction so the merchant account is subject to termination for breaching any laws that make the cc companies or issuing banks liable.

    • redcarpet30

      Bitcoin is one solution. It adds a layer of friction tho.

  • JaredMacBride

    Not sure I’d want to be identified as Uber-like these days.

  • Billy Budd

    I don’t hire escorts but as an intelligent person and a liberal, I am TOTALLY favorable to prostitution and to the protection of sex workers and their clients.

    • ChrisK

      How do you get all those young twinks into your fat ass then?

  • Mandrake

    I don’t know if paying for the escort with your credit card before he actually shows up at your door is a wise buyer’s decision.

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