Is John Travolta Free To Cruise The Waitstaff In Front Of Wife Kelly Preston?

Spa and bro getaway enthusiast John Travolta may have the most stable gay marriage around: he’s apparently allowed to pick up dudes in public right in front of Kelly Preston. Everybody’s relationship is different!

According to Travolta’s nut suckers at the National Enqurier, there was an “awkward moment at a San Fernando Valley China bistro when John Travolta acted just a wee bit too interested in handsome mid-20ish waiter – and embarrassed wife Kelly Preston kept her head buried in the menu!” Because every waiter is a slash-actor, Travolta’s server told John John about what he was working on, and Travolta asked for his number with the requisite “I might be able to help you out” line. Apparently then it was John who gave the server his number during their 10-minute chat, while “Kelly’s nose stayed totally glued to the menu. Said my source: ‘The waiter told me it really bothered him that Kelly never even looked up at him – not once!'”

Uh. Would you?

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