It’ll Only Cost Me $99 to Learn How to Hate People Like Peter Labarbera? Where Do I Sign Up!

Holy crap am I excited about the Americans For Truth Academy, August’s weekend retreat where Peter Labarbera, of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, will charge attendees — aged 14-25 — some $99 to learn how they too can launch a career in information systems security, business accounting technology being a raging bigot. But sorry, gays, you’re not invited. The educational program is open only to those looking to further their wretched belief in inequality. Don’t miss out, Matt Barber is going to be there!

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  • jeffree

    Sponsor me! I can “pass” as 25, I can “pass” as str8, and what theheck, I can even pass as “caucasian,” [actual ethnicities unknown] so please nominate ME for the workshop so I can stir up some serious trouble & help the troubled “questioning” folks discover their true LGBTQQIA natures! [well, I am not sure about the asexuals].

    In all seriousness, this event scares me:

    —First off, you **know** that parents of offspring who are suspected to be LGBT will be the first to sponsor young Pat or Chris to attend. For healing purposes…

    —Second, you know that some of the truly GLB attendees will hear nasty stuff nonstop & contemplate self-harm, suicide or reparative therapies.

    —Third, these are likely to be “youth” who have never spent much time considering sex and sexuality due to religious up-bringing, so the conversations are bound to be awkward, one- sided and met with NO resistance.

    This is a desperate act by desperate people who have no science on their side & face a growing population of people that think being Gay/ Lesbian is OK.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 1 Jeffree …

    So true, and its all about money money money. A cursory look at this invite and we see that one paragraph uses fear (the gays are coming for your kids), and the next begs for donations (and/or sponsorship of some sad unfortunate teen), repeat, over and over.

    Transparent hate-whoring for cash. Still its dangerously despicable, but I’ve come to expect no less from a loathsome and self-loathing wacko cretin like Porno Pete.

  • jeffree

    @Taylor Siluwé: It is *all* about the money, and they use fear to get donations a.k.a. “free will offerings.” I know two guys who WERE sent for reparative therapy costing Ma & Pa thousands of dollars, with [duh !] no actual results other than shame & self-hatered.

    I wonder if George Alan Reekers will be participating OR better yet sponsoring a “rentmale” to the festivities? !

  • Bill

    I signed up for this event awhile ago. I will be doing an story on it for a local TV station.

    I will be videotaping the entire event via a small camera in my necktie.

    I would encourage others to do the same.

    Let’s start exposing these people for who they truly are.

    Can’t wait to see you, Peter.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 4 · Bill

    Since Porno Pete has made it clear that there will be no infiltrators (spies to expose his hokum) and a general belief that he monitors this site, I wonder about the wisdom of laying out your tie-cam plot here.

    Good luck though, but maybe you should relocate your hidden cam.


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