panic attack

Ivanka is having an ALL CAPS freakout on Twitter, please send help

Something is happening on Ivanka Trump‘s Twitter page, y’all. The first daughter, who is known for her stoic demeanor and plastic-looking appearance, appears to be having a little breakdown.

As the evening wears on and polling places begin to close, Ivanka has fired off an urgent tweet begging her 10 million followers to please, for the love of god, stay in line and vote. She needs them.

“Stay in line,” Ivanka implored, “DO NOT LEAVE. We need you.”

We’ve honestly never seen her display this kind of emotion before. Not even when her father’s administration lost track of 545 migrant children’s parents.

The irony, of course, is that Republicans have done everything they possibly can to suppress the vote this election. Now, it appears they might be second-guessing that strategy.

And now, the responses…

Here’s what others are saying about it on Twitter…

Buckle your seatbelts, folx. It’s gonna be a looooong night!

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