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Ivanka freaks out on Twitter after being deposed by DC attorney general in ongoing investigation

Gosh. We’re sure glad we’re not Ivanka Trump right now.

When she’s not being investigated for potential tax fraud in the Southern District of New York, she’s the subject of gossipy tell-alls and snarky op-eds written by her ex-BFF and others.

Now, she’s just been deposed in a case investigating the misuse of inauguration funds and things do not appear to be going her way. At all.

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On Tuesday, the first daughter spent five hours giving sworn deposition to lawyers from the DC Attorney General’s office as part of an ongoing investigation into the overpayment of inauguration funds to the Trump International Hotel back in 2017.

The Guardian reports:

Trump’s inaugural committee spent more than $1m to book a ballroom at the Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital as part of a scheme to ‘grossly overpay’ for party space and enrich the president’s own family in the process, the District of Columbia’s attorney general, Karl Racine, alleges. He has accused the committee of misusing nonprofit funds and coordinating with the hotel’s management and members of the Trump family to arrange the events.

Clearly, the whole thing has Ivanka feeling a bit rattled.

This morning, she tweeted an ill-advised statement calling the inquiry “politically motivated demonstration of vindictiveness” and a “waste of taxpayer dollars,” along with a screenshot of alleged email she wrote in December 2016 calling for a “fair market rate” to be charged on the ballroom.

We’re not sure what lawyer told her it was a smart idea to volunteer exhibits on Twitter, but whoever it was should maybe probably be fired.

Other people deposed in the AG’s investigation were Mickael Damelincourt, managing director of Trump International Hotel in Washington, and Thomas J. Barrack Jr., chairman of the inaugural committee.

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Lawyers also subpoenaed records from Ivanka and Melania Trump, as well as from Barrack and others.

Why do we have a feeling this isn’t going away anytime soon?

Now, here’s how people are responding to Ivanka’s statement from this morning…

Be best, Ivanka!

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