Jack Mackenroth pens “thank you” note to Trump but somehow we don’t think he’s gonna appreciate it

Project-Runway-star-turned-OnlyFans-performer Jack Mackenroth has published a passionate “thank you” note to Donald Trump.

“Dear Mr. Trump,” Mackenroth’s letter begins. “I would like to thank you.”

Now you’re probably wondering… What on earth could Mackenroth, an outspoken LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS activist, possibly have to thank Donald Trump for?

Turns out, a lot! But none of it is good.

Because Mackenroth’s “thank you” note isn’t a thank you note at all. It’s actually a scathing laundry list all the horrible things Trump has done to turn the United States of America into a sh*thole country.

“Thank you for making the United States the most unhealthy, 1st world country in the world by cutting healthcare, letting Covid-19 go unchecked which MASSIVELY contributed to the mental health issues of this nation,” Mackenroth writes.

“Thank you for traumatizing a whole generation of children who are old enough to understand that they have to wear masks to go near other people but don’t comprehend the big picture.”

“Thank you for taking no responsibility for ANYTHING (except successful things which you actually didn’t do) and calling journalists ‘stupid’ when you don’t like their questions.”

Some of the other things Mackenroth “thanks” Trump for include:

  • “Being the figure head for a new pervasive culture of bullying where people now think it’s the norm.”
  • “Making lying the new truth and anything that contradicts you, labeled as ‘fake news’.”
  • “Thinking you are friends and allies with Putin and Kim Jong-un when advisors asked you not to and you are so stupid that you don’t realize that they are manipulating you.”
  • “Using tax dollars to hire your unqualified relatives for government jobs that they were not elected for.”
  • “Telling us to drink bleach to clean our insides.”
  • “Trapping us all here in the US because we can’t cross borders.”
  • “Forcing kids to go back to school and threatening to take away federal funds from states that did not comply.”
  • “Your massive support for the LGBTQ community. Specifically for removing trans folks from the military when experts advised against it.”


And that’s just a small sample.

After ripping into Trump for several paragraphs, Mackenroth concludes his “thank you” note by saying he could go on, but his hand is getting tired.

“There is soooo much more you did for this country but my hand is numb from referencing about 2% of the atrocities,” he writes. “This is your legacy. You will be remembered as the WORST president in history.”

Gee, tell us how you really feel, Jack!

Mackenroth closes the letter with the hashtags #bidenharris2020 and #RGB.

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