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Jacob Elordi heats up, Gus Kenworthy gets naughty & all the can’t-miss LGBTQ+ releases of the week

Image Credits: Camera Carrera via Instagram, @draglatina (left) | ‘Saltburn,’ MGM (center) | Instagram, @guskenworthy (right)

Need a boost to get over Hump Day? The Hot Sheet is Queerty’s midweek pop culture catch-up, highlighting the entertainment stories everyone’s talking about, the ones you might’ve missed, and the notable LGBTQ+ film & TV releases in the days ahead. Here’s everything you need to stay in-the-know:

What To Watch

  • Shoulder Dance — Now Available (VOD): A modern, gay bedroom farce about a couple whose lives are disrupted by the surprise arrival of an old friend and former crush.
  • Kokomo City — Now Available (VOD): One of the year’s best documentaries, dynamic new filmmaker D. Smith takes a candid look at the lives of Black trans sex workers in America.
  • Out In The Ring — Nov. 15 (Fuse): This doc examines the history of LGBTQ+ representation in the wrestling ring, as well as the challenges queer wrestlers face on and off the mat to this day.
  • Mutt — Nov 17 (Netflix): This Sundance-award winning drama—about one eventful day in the life of a young trans man—deserves to reach a wider audience on its new streaming home.
  • Rustin — Nov 17 (Netflix): Colman Domingo stars in this biopic of gay activist Bayard Rustin, one of the organizers of the history-making March On Washington in 1963.
  • The Dads — Nov 17 (Netflix): Dwayne Wade executive produces this doc about six fathers of queer and trans children who bond and share stories over a fishing trip together.
  • Next Goal Wins — Nov 17 (Theaters): Taika Waititi directs this feel-good sports movie about Samoa’s underdog soccer team with the first trans woman to compete in a FIFA World Cup qualifier.
  • Saltburn — Nov 17 (Select Theaters): Following up Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell directs this Talented Mr. Ripley-esque homoerotic story starring Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi.
  • May December — Nov 17 (Select Theaters): Carol filmmaker Todd Haynes is back with this dark melodrama featuring dueling performances from Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore.
  • When Time Got Louder — Nov 17 (VOD): A powerful coming-of-age drama about a young queer woman balancing college, romance, and helping take care of her autistic brother back home.
  • Beyond The Aggressives — Nov 17 (Select Theaters): A sequel to the indie doc about masc-presenting queer POC in NYC, checking in with their lives 25 years later.

Culture Catch-Up

FAB FOUR?: The upcoming eighth (!!!) season of Queer Eye will be interior design expert Bobby Berk‘s last leaving everyone to wonder, “Wait, who’s actual going to do the work on this show?” [Read all about it on INTO]

¡MÁS REINAS!: This week, Revry and LATV announced a premiere date for the second season of their bilingual hit, Drag Latina—hosted by Drag Race legend Carmen Carrera and Queerty fave pop star Fedro—and it’s coming sooner than you think! []

NAUGHTY LIST: “Holiday season horror” is a surprisingly robust subgenre and, this December, another joins its ranks: The Sacrifice Game, about a silent night at a boarding school that turns downright demonic. And because you’ve been extra good this year, it co-stars Olympic hottie Gus Kenworthy!

HAPPIER THAN EVER: Days after Billie Eilish posted a selfie with the words “GAY & TIRED” on her forehead —putting sapphics on high alert—the Gen Z pop icon told Variety she’s “physically attracted” to women. So… welcome to the community? We think? [Read all about it on LGBTQNation]

AND THE EMMY GOES TO…: We’re all for giving trophies to gays, so we were thrilled to learn that GLAAD—the impactful org fighting for better LGBTQ+ representation in media—will receive the prestigious Governors Award at the upcoming 75th Annual Emmy Awards for their “culture changing impact.” Deserved! [GLAAD]

LIKE IT ROUGH: Somehow, Fellow Travelers just keeps getting steamier! In its latest episode, Jonathan Bailey‘s character gets a lesson in rough trade, which inspires him to get pushy with Matt Bomer—and the results are pretty d*mn hot! But, guys, use some lube next time, okay? [Read all about it on Queerty]

STANDING AT ATTENTION: Gay comedian (and total hunk) Quincy Bazen is a self-proclaimed “recovering Navy brat” with a new comedy show called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which hilariously explores his childhood growing up abroad and closeted in a Christian military home. If you’re in the LA area, don’t miss the show’s debut on November 16 at The Virgil! [Eventbrite]

NO SKIPS: After breaking through with her Ice Spice-assisted “Boy’s A Liar (Part 2)” remix and Barbie soundtrack bop “Angel,” U.K.-based bedroom pop artist PinkPantheress has finally dropped her debut album, Heaven Knows—and we are living for it! [Read all about it on INTO]

A TOTAL SERVE: This past weekend, the Ali Forney Center‘s annual SERVE dance-a-thon fundraiser was a smash hit, raising over $675k to fight food insecurity for homeless LGBTQ+ youth with a who’s who of your favorite gays in attendance, including Neil Patrick Harris, Tenderoni, and Vincint! [The Ali Forney Center]

NEVER TOO LATE: “Copacabana” crooner Barry Manilow made headlines when he was inadvertently outed by friend Suzanne Somers in 2015, and then made it official with an emotional interview in ’17. Now, the singer-songwriter is opening up about why he waited so long. [Read all about it on LGBTQNation]

THEIR HEARTS WILL GO ON: Everyone’s seen Titanic and knows the story of Jack & Rose. But while we’re all still arguing over whether or not they both could’ve fit on that door in the ocean, you could learn about a pair of real-life men who were actually aboard the ill-fated ship—and might’ve been a couple! [Discover more stories like this on Queerty’s TikTok]

@queerty We all know what happened after Jack drew Rose like one of his French girls. But it turns out there may have been a real life forbidden love abroad the Titanic. #QueertyQuickies #Titanic #lgbtqhistory #leonardodicaprio ♬ original sound – Queerty*

The Final Hump

Shirtless Jacob Elordi! Okay, now that we have your attention: Hollywood’s new “It Boy” stars in the upcoming dark comedy Saltburn (from Promising Young Woman filmmaker Emerald Fennell) playing charming aristocrat Felix who becomes college classmate Oliver’s (Barry Keoghan) twisted object of obsession. We get it; we really do! Ahead of the film’s release in select theaters this Friday, Queerty is thrilled to exclusively premiere this brand new clip, which—yes—does feature a hot and sweaty shirtless Elordi, but also showcases Saltburn‘s not-so-secret scene-stealer: the iconic Rosamund Pike, as Felix’s hilariously self-centered mum.

Saltburn opens in select theaters on Friday, November 17, and is in theaters everywhere on Wednesday, November 22.

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