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  • CitizenGeek

    They’re much cooler than I though they’d be!

  • todd

    Jenna sounds like a three pack a day smoker – can’t wait till she needs the Cancer Kazoo to speak through!!

  • fredo777

    Jenna seems really chill, but Laura just seems like a cold fish.

    Not feelin’ the first lady.

  • staygoldenponyboy

    It’s pretty obvious to me that Mary Cheney should get first dibs on a Bush ranch lesbian wedding.

    “Bush ranch lesbian.”


  • Kid A

    I agree Fredo, the first lady seemed really out of her element. And what was with the whole McCain thing!?!

  • fredo777


    Which McCain thing? His visit to Ellen, you mean? My puter was trippin’ out earlier; I’m not even sure if I saw this complete video. Old age is messin’ with my memory. ;P

  • fredo777

    Update: I think Laura was a little friendlier than I had given her credit for (based on the limited portion of the vid that I had watched earlier). She still seems like she’d be a real handful off-camera.

    It’s interesting that Ellen hugged Jenna, but not Laura. Also, there were points where Ellen seemed to be “mmmhmming” along in the interview, just being polite. I wonder if she + the first lady have any prior beef?

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