UPDATED: Joe Biden names openly gay Carlos Elizondo as White House social secretary

Update: This article has been corrected to say that Elizondo is only the first Latino social secretary, not the first gay man. Obama named Jeremy Mill Bernard as the first openly gay man to the position in 2011.

Carlos Elizondo. Via Biden Transition Team

Keeping true to his vow to have a diverse White House staff and cabinet, President-elect Joe Biden has named Carlos Elizondo, an out gay man, as his incoming White House social secretary.

Metro Weekly reports that Texas-born Elizondo will become the first Latino person to serve in the role of White House social secretary. He’s also a gay man Elizondo had previously served as a social secretary for Biden and incoming First Lady Dr. Jill Biden during their years in the Obama Administration.

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In addition to his time in politics, Elizondo also had done work as Senior Director of Presidential Events at Georgetown University, and a Manager of Special Activities and Protocol at Walt Disney World.

Elizondo and his longtime boyfriend–whose name is generally kept out of the press to protect his privacy–live in Washington DC.

The naming of Carlos Elizondo as White House social secretary comes less than a day after an announcement by the Trump Administration that it would go ahead with a transition to the incoming Biden Administration despite Trump’s repeated (and unfounded) claims of massive voter fraud in the 2020 Election. Elizondo is, so far, the highest-ranking openly queer official named in the incoming administration, though he will almost assuredly not be the last. Karine Jean-Pierre, the openly lesbian chief of staff for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, has been hotly tipped to land the job of White House Press Secretary. In addition, Mayor Pete Buttigieg–one of Biden’s most vocal campaign surrogates–is also widely expected to nab a key administration position.