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Joe Solmonese: HRC Represents The LGBT Community. (Yes, He Said That!)

Aww, we didn’t mean to leave Joe Solmonese out of the pundit-fest on all things Obama/National Equality March. So we’re including his mid-march interview on CNN here, where the HRC chief defends Barack Obama because the president is acting vigorously to … um … wait, what exactly?

But here’s what’s interesting about Joe’s latest: He’s revealed part of that secret strategy he and the president have! (Cue to 2:40.) You see, Obama sometimes calls Joe up to strater-gize about various legislation, to check in on how many lawmakers they’ve got on their side, because apparently Joe knows better than the White House.

Oh, no, we were wrong! HERE’S WHAT’S INTERESTING ABOUT JOE’S LATEST: He represents all of you! Because HRC is “the largest LGBT organization in the country with nearly a million members,” he says, “… we absolutely represent the LGBT community.” We have a feeling some of you might find that a curious declaration.