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John Waters Recalls How Divine Used To Frighten Other Drag Queens With A Chainsaw

tumblr_mxyrvzYiwC1rvap7oo1_1280I think he changed drag queens forever. RuPaul’s show wouldn’t be there. RuPaul started a long time ago, I’ve got to give him some credit, and RuPaul also has a great look out of drag, something that Divine struggled with. Except towards the end, when he wore men’s suits and looked like a very handsome, distinguished man…His legacy was that he made all drag queens cool. They were square then, they wanted to be Miss America and be their mothers. Divine frightened drag queens because he would show up with a chainsaw and [makeup artist] Van Smith would put fake scars on his face, wearing mini skirts when you’re 300 pounds. He broke every rule. And now every drag queen, every one that’s successful today is cutting edge.”


John Waters, in a joint interview with longtime casting director Pat Moran for Baltimore magazine, discussing their late pal Divine’s legacy just before what would have been his 70th birthday on October 19