Josh Duggar Is “Missing” From Sex Rehab!

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 11.38.15 AMLess than a week after voluntarily checking himself into a “treatment center” to deal with his sex addiction, antigay activist and admitted child molester Josh Duggar has allegedly bailed on the program. Or else he never actually showed up. Nobody’s really sure.

According to his family, Josh checked into the Christian rehabilitation center Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, IL last week to deal with his uncontrollable sexual urges. Now, Radar Online is reporting the 27-year-old antigay activist has up and vanished.

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Josh hasn’t attended any of the mandatory prayer meetings or church services.

“Josh definitely wasn’t there,” an inside source told Radar Online. “It was very strange.”

Raw Story added: “Not a soul in Rockford, Illinois has actually spotted Josh Duggar among the individuals receiving treatment at RU.”

“He hasn’t been seen coming or going from any of the mandatory church services at North Love Baptist Church. This is especially odd considering the rules at Reformers Unanimous posted on their website claim it would be a mandatory part of everyone’s recovery process at RU.”

In fact, there have been “absolutely no sightings” of Josh anywhere in the Rockford metro area, which begs the question: Where the hell is he?!

If you have any information about Josh’s whereabouts, please give us a [email protected].

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