Joy Behar’s Ex-Gay Guest Has A Serious Case Of Gay Face

Catching on the “ex-gay” vibe that’s sweeping America‘s GOP candidate under the rug Joy Behar just interviewed Stephen Bennett, a guy who lived as a gay man for 11 years and had over 100 gay sex partners before marrying a Victoria Jackson soundalike and starting “Stephen Bennett Ministries,” a group “for men and women struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or homosexuality.” Although Mr. Bennett says he has been cured of the gay, sadly there is no cure for gay face (and he’s got it… bad). Heck, even Mr. Bennett’s wife still accidentally refers to him as a gay man.

In this clip, he likens homosexuality to drug addiction (just like Ruben Diaz does) and then says that he bears no ill will towards homos—which we would believe if his website didn’t offer the following “self-help” CD:

AD-012 – The Medical Truths and Dangers of Homosexuality – Dr. John Diggs, MD and Stephen Bennett Dr. Diggs warns that society has been too quick to accept the homosexual lifestyle — ignoring the serious medical, psycological and possibly deadly risks and consequences for those who engage in homosexuality. **CAUTION – GRAPHIC AND DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE. MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AUDIENCES.**

It’s only $12.50, if you’re looking for a gag gift for someone you wish WASN’T gay.

We’re betting the medical truths and dangers probably include the old chestnuts about gays spreading disease and eating poo, the same lines anti-gay say folks use to persecute gays in Minnesota and Uganda. Why does no media interviewing ever ask these “ex-gay” proponents about why they endorse counseling methods rebuked by three of the world’s largest professional psych organizations?

Either way, Behar seems unimpressed by Bennett’s testimony, but we kinda like it; namely because it reminds us of a hilarious “ex-gay” skit David Cross and Bob Odenkirk did on Mr. Show.

Mr. Bennett says that he no longer struggles whatsoever with homosexuality, but could a “lapse” be in his future?

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  • Jack

    All these ministers have a sob story! Seems like they need it to play the victim they want to be. He had 100 gay partners, he was caught up in the homo vortex, and then he found Jesus. Praise God for making him hate himself.

  • inoits2

    Somebody please tell that woman to get some self respect! This was painful to watch. They don’t condemn the homosexual “unless” the change.

  • Zeus

    It comes down to this: If you get boners for men, you are bi/gay. That’s it. I’m sure he still gets boners for men, you can’t control what your brain makes your penis do regardless of how much you want to. They should just do an erection study to prove once and for all that you are born gay, to shut the bigots up.

  • randy

    Ex-gay = Would fuck a male dog if it stood still long enough!

  • christopher di spirito

    I stopped watching Joy Behar’s HLN show when she contracted a particularly stubborn case of Casey Anthony Derangement Syndrome.

  • rascal

    @christopher di spirito: I totally agree! And that Nancy Grace is like a rabid dog – she’s practically stalking that Casey Anthony now!

  • Robert in NYC

    Interesting that the self-loathers and antigay morons always use the word “lifestyle” when it comes to sexual orientation, but never use it when it applies to straights. It implies that we choose ours but [they] don’t because it’s construed that they’re “normal” whatever that means.

  • Spike

    Pink dippity doo?!!? HORRORS!!!

  • Ian

    If I have to hear one more time “I had a father who just wasn’t there for me…” as cause for being gay… Uggh. For the christ-o-fascist “pastors” out there who profess to “pray the gay away”, let me stand up and proclaim as a gay man that: I had a great loving compassionate decent hard-working father. He was “there for me” and my brothers and my mother. He still is to this day and he’s in his late 70s. So stop all the b.s. about sexuality being caused by “dad not being there for me.”

  • TheRealMannequinAdam


  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What is it with all these ex-gays getting involved in ex-gay ministries, therapy, and lectures? Any ex-gay construction workers, doctors, or welfare queens?

  • Call me reasonable

    Dr. Drew shouldn’t use the rationale that the success rate of people with same-sex attractions changing their orientation is rare, so people shouldn’t be allowed to try to change if they want. Has he looked at the success rate of drug and alcohol rehab treatment (Drug–90 to 98% failure rate)? Should people with drug and alcohol problems be warmed ahead of time that the treatment probably isn’t going to work? Even in Googling his name to find out who he is, articles pop up about events that just happened with clients in his Celeb Rehab.

  • Duncan

    What a nutjob.

  • mizzymm

    I can see plucked eyebrows, and mascara.

  • Demiel

    How is this even acceptable. It’s weird because if he is leading others down a path they cannot follow then it will only cause harm.

  • Matthew

    Oh my …

  • Matthew

    Oh my … at least they both have magical thinking in common. I really don’t care if anyone of any sexual orientation desires to change the parameters of their sexual partners. I agree with her that, in the sense that anyone has the right to determine their own gender expression, they also have the right to choose the parameters of their sexual partners. But I don’t think either of these processes should be dependent on behaviour therapy (obviously in terms of SRS and Hormone therapy, medical professions need to be somewhat involved). There’s no evidence that the therapy has any effect, changes in sexual orientation seem to happen on their own. And the therapy is especially problematic within the context of a religious institution that has a systematic bias in favor of one group changing to another (there aren’t many churches taking in heterosexuals who want to be gay, nor many families who put pressure on their children to seek help resolving their heterosexuality). In addition, organizations like NARTH aren’t just taking in these troubled people, they help create their own consumer base by advocating for anti-gay laws. So, overall her comparison isn’t thoughtful and a little crazy – much like her desire for an emotionally crippled husband she can take care of. NOW HER LIFE HAS PURPOSE!

  • Henry

    @mizzymm: But the mascara is because he’s on TV. ;)

  • jason

    I don’t think Joy Behar understands the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior. Why on earth do we even look up to this woman to explain to us what is going on with our sexuality? Isn’t it time we got better idols?

    As for Stephen Bennett, I honestly don’t think he understands the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior either.

  • jason

    Sexual behavior can be like a drug addiction but sexual orientation is automatic and has nothing to do with choice.

  • Shaych

    So… what I got from that… is that after 100 men… he had the gay f$%#ed out of him. Hmmmm… maybe that should be the new reparative therapy? Forget pray the gay away… f#$% the gay away.

  • Call me reasonable

    Just not a good comparison–people are truly offended if you say they chose their drug and alcohol addiction. They say they would NEVER have chosen a life like that, but they can’t quit. Stephen did say it wasn’t a choice.

  • McMike

    Give me a flying flipping break. I would love to run across any of these guys, who love to tell everyone just how “not gay” they are anymore, and prove to them just how “not not gay” they really still are. And give me a break with this “only 3% of men are gay” crap. I’d bet the farm 90% of men have had gay sex.

    btw, listening to this guy pisses me off how he likes to claim how he’s not gay anymore. I’d be more than happy to place that bet with him.

  • Henry

    @Call me reasonable: Those people are dumb. They could quit if they wanted to.

  • Robbie K.

    Oh please honey you know you would pink dippity do all over it…and wifey is really going to have to double her meds because the crazy is coming out

  • mizzymm

    @Henry, I see eyeshadow too, and a blow out, notice how his eyebrow move, but his forehead does’nt, Botox.

  • C m burz

    Praying for a husband?! Sweetie, you can buy one on line! Pray for something real– like, end to war; hunger; Michelle Bachman’s presidential run… Rabid and stupid is a deadly combination. I should think being married to someone like that would send any “ex-gay” sashaying back to the bars in hot pants, leather collar AND Dippity Do.

  • ewe

    ah. hahah. oh oy BWAHHHHH. Please.

  • Daez

    @C m burz: He doesn’t need to go to the bars. He has something better. He has ex-gay ministry. What better way to keep your hookups on the down low than to hook up with people that worship you because of what you claim to have done and that don’t have the self-esteem to ever say no.

  • Jeff

    @christopher di spirito: I stopped following her on twitter during the trial… it was like Nancy Grace hacked her twitter. By the way, does anyone else think Nancy Grace looks like Melanie Hutsel from SNL, who used to play Jan Brady and Tori Spelling?

  • steve

    Geez.. what’s with all the Joy hate?

    So the woman is not a fan of Casey Anthony and chose to use her platform to express that. The same platform she would use to support the gay community, some of you guys need to lighten up and stick to the topic

  • Desdemona

    UGH, these people are so misled. To the wife who wonders why people criticize them for seeming unnatural- it’s because it IS unnatural for a gay man to try and be straight! Get it through your thick, brainwashed head!
    You can be with a woman all you want man, but if you have to fantasize about men when you’re boning her or have her f*ck you with a strap-on… you’re not really heterosexual. What a way to waste your life. Just be gay and happy :)

  • Bravofan

    Ironic that Stephen Bennett makes money off of blogging about Bravo shows, a gay friendly network. Wonder what Andy Cohen thinks about that.

  • Jaroslaw

    #4 Zeus – I did watch one of those documentaries on PBS – several erection studies have been done – Gay men get them and virulently anti-Gay men get them (meaning obviously they’re in the closet unknown even to themselves per the study but I don’t get that logic)

    #9 Glad you had a great Dad. PS – lots of guys had horrible Dad’s and overbearing Mothers and still turned out straight.

  • Jaroslaw

    #36 of course, the studies I refer to show men photos/movies of naked men/Gay porn.

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