Joy Behar’s Ex-Gay Guest Has A Serious Case Of Gay Face

Catching on the “ex-gay” vibe that’s sweeping America‘s GOP candidate under the rug Joy Behar just interviewed Stephen Bennett, a guy who lived as a gay man for 11 years and had over 100 gay sex partners before marrying a Victoria Jackson soundalike and starting “Stephen Bennett Ministries,” a group “for men and women struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or homosexuality.” Although Mr. Bennett says he has been cured of the gay, sadly there is no cure for gay face (and he’s got it… bad). Heck, even Mr. Bennett’s wife still accidentally refers to him as a gay man.

In this clip, he likens homosexuality to drug addiction (just like Ruben Diaz does) and then says that he bears no ill will towards homos—which we would believe if his website didn’t offer the following “self-help” CD:

AD-012 – The Medical Truths and Dangers of Homosexuality – Dr. John Diggs, MD and Stephen Bennett Dr. Diggs warns that society has been too quick to accept the homosexual lifestyle — ignoring the serious medical, psycological and possibly deadly risks and consequences for those who engage in homosexuality. **CAUTION – GRAPHIC AND DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE. MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AUDIENCES.**

It’s only $12.50, if you’re looking for a gag gift for someone you wish WASN’T gay.

We’re betting the medical truths and dangers probably include the old chestnuts about gays spreading disease and eating poo, the same lines anti-gay say folks use to persecute gays in Minnesota and Uganda. Why does no media interviewing ever ask these “ex-gay” proponents about why they endorse counseling methods rebuked by three of the world’s largest professional psych organizations?

Either way, Behar seems unimpressed by Bennett’s testimony, but we kinda like it; namely because it reminds us of a hilarious “ex-gay” skit David Cross and Bob Odenkirk did on Mr. Show.

Mr. Bennett says that he no longer struggles whatsoever with homosexuality, but could a “lapse” be in his future?