Lady Gaga and Olly Alexander just teamed up and OMG

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The 10th-anniversary celebration of Lady Gaga’s seminal album Born this Way continues, this time, with Gaga enlisting Olly Alexander to cover her hit single “The Edge of Glory.”

The release of the single comes as part of the promotion for Born this Way: 10th Anniversary Special Edition, an all-cover version of the album featuring contributions by other popular pop artists. Years & Years–now an Olly Alexander solo project–adds a synthpop edge (pardon the phrase) to Gaga’s original composition.

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Lady Gaga has said the death of her grandfather inspired “The Edge of Glory.” She recalls watching her grandmother with her grandfather in his final moments and seeing a look of recognition: he’d had a good life and felt loved. To Gaga, it looked like a moment of a championship sports win, a moment of glory.

The new Years & Years cover of “The Edge of Glory” follows three other well-received cover versions of tracks off Born This Way. Singer Orville Peck contributed a country version of “Born this Way;” Big Freeda covered “Judas,” and Kylie Minogue contributed a disco cover of “Marry the Night.”

The full album version of Born this Way: 10th Anniversary Special Edition will be available for download June 25.

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