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Lance Bass has some thoughts about Colton Underwood “monetizing the experience” of being gay

Lance bass

Lance Bass has some things to say about the whole Colton Underwood coming out controversy that blew up last week.

On Wednesday, the former Bachelor star announced he was gay during an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. Hours later, it was reported he was in the middle of filming a Netflix docuseries about his coming out experience with Gus Kenwothy “acting as a guide.”

But not everyone was thrilled by the news…

During an appearance on “The Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous” podcast, the former *NSYNC star weighed in on the matter.

“He’s definitely gonna get a lot of backlash from the community at first,” Bass said. “Not the majority, but there is a small percentage of the community that’s just gonna not like the fact that he came out this way, that he’s monetizing the experience.”

He also said he can relate to Underwood’s situation because the majority of NSYNC’s fanbase were women.

“90% of my fans were women, and they all thought I was straight,” he explained. “I made my money off women and singing about love and using that market. So me coming out, it was scary… cause now everyone is gonna see me as a liar.”

Bass said that, ultimately, he thinks the docuseries will probably “help the [LGBTQ] community,” but he said Underwood will need to “sit back, listen and learn” if he wants to get it right.

“That’s all you need to do right now, is just listen to the community, listen to everyone around you,” he said. “Educate yourself, and then you’ll naturally find where you belong in this community.”

Listen to the full podcast below.

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