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Literally nobody is buying Casey DeSantis’ argument that being called “Walmart Melania” is actually a compliment

Casey DeSantis
Casey DeSantis (Photo: Twitter)

Casey DeSantis is still trying to convince everyone that being called “Walmart Melania” somehow isn’t an insult.

Girl, give it a rest!

Her latest attempt to save face came in an interview with former NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, who now hosts a show on something called “First TV”, a no-name network also features notable right wingnuts Bill O’Reilly and Sean Spicer.

Casey said she loves the moniker, because it’s an honor to be included in the same breath as “Melania Trump.”

Also, she shops at Walmart, too! What a fortuitous coincidence!

“They’ve also called me Walmart Melania, which by the way, being in the same sentence with Melania, I consider that a major victory,” she said.

Casey’s unflattering comparison to the ex-FLOTUS spurred from a Washington Post feature story that outlines her, uhh… unique relationship with Ron.

A former TV news anchor, Casey is obsessed with appearance. She reportedly amasses total control over her husband’s wardrobe, right down to his earpieces.

She is also credited with pushing Ron to wear heels in his cowboy boots.

But back to the knock-off Melania accusations.

When Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis was first elected Florida governor, Casey reportedly asked for the full Melania treatment.

“As she was preparing for her new role, she asked an aide what Melania Trump would do or wear, what stores and designers she liked, looking to the president’s wife as a model,” writes the WaPo‘s Ruby Cramer.

From that moment, Casey has been dedicated to the routine, right down to her caustic indifference towards the pain and suffering inflicted on others, particularly LGBTQ+ people, by her husband.

When Ron launched his futile presidential campaign, politicos thought Casey could be his secret weapon. Telegenic and personable, she’s the perfect contrast to Ron’s dour demeanor… at least on paper.

But in reality, her message is just as bad. Every time she tries to paint her gay-hating husband as a “normal family man,” it blows up in her face.

Take one of her August Fox News interviews, for example. Casey kept weirdly referring to the couple’s children as “hers,” painting Ron as some sort of babysitter.

At an event the following week, Casey told a bizarre story about how their young children locked themselves in a bathroom and drew on the hotel walls prior to the first Republican debate.

In the aforementioned Fox interview, Casey also couldn’t resist attacking LGBTQ+ people, which isn’t surprising. Earlier in the summer, cut her own virulently homophobic ad, and shared a video of Ron ejecting an LGBTQ+ activist from one of his (sparsely attended) events.

Neither stunt resulted in Ron receiving more support.

The DeSantis’ are far from the first abnormal political family trying to paint themselves as “regular folk.” But they might be the worst at it.

Casey’s faux embrace of “Melania Walmart” fits right into that pattern.

She described the moniker as a “win” on a bus tour in Iowa, and boasted about her title in a podcast interview.

“They refer to me as the ‘Walmart Melania.’ And so I just had a beer. I can’t imagine what the media is going to say now as a result of all of this,” she boasted.

Ah yes, hating on the media. That’ll win hearts and minds!

At the very least, maybe Casey looks a little more comfortable holding a cold one than her hubby?

We know for sure she definitely doesn’t look comfortable inside of a Walmart, despite what she claims.

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