LIVE: It Was Probably Best Andrew Sullivan + Maggie Gallagher Were Seated at Opposite Ends

What do you mean you’re not tuning in to Andrew Sullivan v. Maggie Gallagher at the CATO Institute’s debate “Is There a Place for Gay People in Conservatism and Conservative Politics?” You can watch it live here. For laughs! Really! The other gentleman is British lawmaker Nick Herbert.

UPDATE: Video highlights (via):

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  • anyway

    Haven’t seen the video on this event yet… And whatever you might think of the total body of Sullivan’s politics, you really must find entertainment value in his tone of apparent contempt and bewilderment of any view contrary to his own.

    Yes, it’s a bit off-putting when it’s an issue amongst us gays. But who’d you rather have in your court for a face-off with Maggie?

    Can’t wait for the video.

  • Freddie

    The Hedgehog and the Cow went off to yak today.

    The Cato kitty hosted them. They had not much to say.

    But that stopped neither cow nor ‘hog from blathering away.

    The bastard-making fattie and the AIDSsy-pothead gay;

    I wish they’d both just die and decay.

  • Jon

    I hope someone grabbed the vid . .al1 1.5 hours. . .it was worth the watch.

  • terrwill

    One of the very few times you will see Maggot seated without an overflowing plate of food in front of her………

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Hurry up with the video, please…

  • Lukas P.

    Dim bulbs create ghastly light!
    @terrwill: Silly man, don’t you know they gave her tickets to the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Remedial [Ramada?] Inn?

    If the pair of them were the “best” that the organisers of this conference concerning the gay role in “conservative politics,” then— IMHO — it was a waste of time for both gays +and+ conservatives. Or, any thinking adult of either stripe.

    The topic could actually have been interesting, because I would love to see/ hear what “finer minds” than Sully & Gags were thinking about these days, but this poor showing of “gay” and “conservative” thought ranks a solid FAIL.

    “It’s always a good idea to know what your enemies and supposed friends are up to” is my motto.

  • Ogre Magi

    So have any of you seen it yet? How did the debate go?

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