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Man’s Botox bootyhole story goes viral on TikTok: “The tops in this town, they are shaking!”

Nick Norcia talks botox and buttholes
Nick Norcia (Photo: TikTok)

A gay man’s TikTok, in which he recounts being offered Botox for his butthole, has gone viral.

Be warned: It’s a pretty graphic discussion about hemorrhoids and buttholes.

Nick Norcia (@nick_norcia) explains that he regularly sees a doctor because of his hemorrhoids. He’s tried every remedy out there, from salt baths to creams.

The only silver cloud is that his doctor is hot so Norcia doesn’t exactly dread going to see him.

This male doctor referred him to see a female expert. After a month of treatment, she said his hemorrhoids had all but cleared up. They were no longer painful. However, there is still something “visually there but basically all gone”.

Healed hemorrhoids can sometimes leave skin tags or loose skin in their wake. We’re guessing that’s the situation we’re talking about here.

Norcia explained that, as a gay man, he is not overjoyed about the physical leftovers of the hemorrhoid. He explained that they would try another month of treatment, but if that didn’t work, the doctor said they could try Botox.

“You heard me right. Botox on my booty hole,” expressed a shocked Norcia.

The idea of having a Botox’ed hole and heading down to West Hollywood in search of tops amused Norcia greatly. His delivery of the candid tale has also won over thousands.

@nick_norcia Apologize in advance for this one #botox #doctor #TMI ♬ original sound – Nick Norcia

The video has been viewed over 1 million times and prompted over 2,000 comments in a single day.

“This was the longest I’ve ever listened to a story about hemorrhoids,” said one listener, unable to tear themselves away from the monologue.

“This is why [TikTok] content is ONLY for strangers and nobody who knows us in real life 😂” joked another.

“I love that this is chaotic and educational at the same time,” said a third.

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Botox and buttholes

The subject of Botox and buttholes came up in popular culture earlier in the year. It was mentioned on the Netflix show, Uncoupled. On that, Neil Patrick Harris’s character went home with a man. This date, being well-hung, offered to administer a Botox injection to Harris’ character, for him to easily accommodate him during sex. Harris, horrified, fled.

A leading gay doctor has explained that that’s not how Botox butt injections work. For a start, Botox can take days or weeks to take effect. It’s not something you can inject expecting instant results.


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However, Botox can be used for people who complain of having an anal sphincter that’s too tight or to treat the pain of anal fissures.

Temporarily paralyzing some of the muscles down there can help things to heal. However, always consult a proctologist about the procedure. This is not something to go see a cosmetologist about!!

For those suffering, DrCarlton also offers some further advice on hemorrhoids below.

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