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Mary Trump explains the chilling reason why Donald is “panicked” by FBI raid

Mary Trump is back with another hot take on her Uncle Donald following the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, and according to her the former president is in full “panic” mode.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Mary was asked about her uncle’s angry statement professing his innocence and calling the raid “unannounced” and “not necessary or appropriate.”

“This kind of thing couldn’t have happened without his lawyers knowing,” O’Donnell said. “There were plenty of hints.”

Mary agreed, noting that “They’re not really breaking in, they’re just doing their job,” and describing Donald as “panicked.”

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She followed up by saying Donald wasn’t entirely lying about being blindsided, but rather that his response shows a disconnect from reality.

“This is just an example, in a very long line of examples, of Donald’s narcissism and sense of entitlement,” she continued. “He may have known it was coming but he could not possibly believe it was coming because it never has.”

“How is your uncle going to sleep tonight?” O’Donnell asked next.

“You know, probably as well as he always sleeps,” Mary, who is a psychologist by profession, answered. “Which is to say, not well. Because, you know, there are so many things dogging him in the last many years. He was in New York today because he needs to sit for a deposition in another case. So it is all coming sort of fast and furious.”


Mary Trump has not shied away from offering her thoughts on Donald’s state of mind.

When the January 6 hearings were dominating headlines last month, she said:

“He is addicted to being at the center of attention. I’m sure he’s as riveted by these hearings as we are, but incompletely different ways.”

“For him to feel that the focus is shifting away from him or that he’s losing power will make things even worse because he won’t confront that and process it and deal with it. He will bury it and therefore worsen his situation.”

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