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Meghan McCain confuses the Oscars with the FAA, calls everyone “psychopaths” in unhinged tweet

Hey, remember when Meghan McCain threatened to quit Twitter last summer? It’s a shame she didn’t follow through with that promise because she just tweeted something really, really stupid.

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Yesterday, John McCain’s daughter shared a Hollywood Reporter article about how the Academy Awards are only requiring attendees provide a negative COVID-19 test on the day of the event, unlike the SAG Awards and Critics Choice Awards, which will require proof of vaccination.

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“This is hilarious,” McCain tweeted. “Now can 2 year olds not be forced to wear a mask on a plane, psychopaths?”

OK first, comparing the COVID-19 testing requirements of the Academy Awards to airline policies put in place by Federal Aviation Administration is a false equivalency. So is comparing wearing masks to PCR and negative rapid antigen tests.

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Second, why is Meghan so angry about this? That’s what most people who responded to her tweet want to know.

Here’s what they’re saying…

In her most recent op-ed for the Daily Mail, McCain compared requiring children to wear masks to child abuse.

“I know what impact being out in public and trying to communicate with people masked has had on my life,” McCain wrote. “I can’t even imagine what impact studies will show it has and continues to have developmentally on children, who are growing into themselves emotionally, mentally and physically.”

Dude, it’s piece of fabric. Calm down.

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