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  • Sean

    Is this surprising to anyone? His father is one of the most prolific (and insane) Holocaust deniers on the planet. You can’t be raised in that environment and not be more than a little damaged.

  • axos

    He’s not really a fan of females either, it seems. How lucky for him he happened to be born a male, white, non-Jewish heterosexual!

    He’s still a human though, kind of. Must be what makes him so bitter.

  • Cam

    The thing I think is amazing is how there seems to be a list of who you get in trouble for insulting.

    He makes fun of gays….even though hollywood is full of us, and what consequenses happened? Nothing. Man there are a lot of self-loathing queens in H-Wood.


    This vile scumbag was such a “true Catholic” that he built his own church which followed the strictest interpertation of catholic doctrine because he felt the catholic church was too liberal and had drifted away from the word of god. Yet married with six sons he decides to go take a mistress and has a child out of wedlock.

    I am quite thankfull you don’t walk or look like a Gay person. Rather you look like and are a hyprocritcal typical rightwing anti semitic scumbag who panders to the lowest of the hate spewing bigots and portrays themselves as something they are far from………..

  • axos

    Isn’t he chummy with Judy Foster? How’s that working out in his head?

  • chapeau

    I go out of my way to avoid Mel Gibson – he’s disgusting and very typical of the kind of hypocrite I’ve come to expect from xtians in general.


    They take it up the ass .. this is only for taking a shit.

    Hey Mel: Seems like your mouth performs the same functions as your ass dickwad………

  • Tony

    …and did you hear the latest…Whoopie Goldberg doesn’t think Mel Gibson is a racist !!

  • L.

    Dear Mel,

    I’m not sure to which “look” exactly you were referring to, but if it was the cute ponytailed one you sported a year earlier in “Like a bird on a wire”, then actually, a few people may wonder.



  • axos

    Is that true, Tony?

    Well, she didn’t think Roman Polanski is a rapist. What happened to her?

  • Eminent Victorian

    I can’t help thinking something has happened to Mel’s brain, like a degenerative mental illness, because his behaviors over the last ten years seem to be getting worse and worse, and how could the public not have known he was like this if he had always been like this? He made some films I admire, and back when he made his version of ‘Hamlet,’ which was really very well done, he also made a companion sort of film for teachers and students that was surprisingly well done. I don’t know him & never met him, but I’ve worked with people who did, and to a one they report he wasn’t like this decades ago, or if he was he kept it strictly to himself. His recent tirades are certainly disgusting & shocking, and in no way do I excuse them. I do wonder, though, if there’s a psychiatric problem here.

  • Fitz

    @Eminent Victorian: It would be hard to tease out.. because what looks like paranoid persecution to one person is just religious belief to another.

    Either way– weather he is a douche or a mentally ill douche, or a drunken douche, he remains a douche.

    The bestest part: just sit back and enjoy the show. His house of cards will crumble, he is no threat to us.

  • superbenA02

    He needs to go to jail for a while so that he can be anal “raped? by a pack of n*****s” in the shower. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a racist, just quoting Mel “Womanizing Bigot” Gibson.)

  • The Milkman

    @Eminent Victorian: I wonder too, though if you look at the experience of the Baby Boom generation (in general), you’ll see this morphing from peaceful hippy flower child behavior to scared right-wing christian bigotry. It’s a generalization to be sure, but the general trend is hard to ignore. The sheer numbers of that generation are likely one reason why the rest of the world is moving forward with civil rights issues by leaps and bounds while the US continues to dither and blather about “traditional values”.

    The United States and the world will be better off when the Me Generation finally releases its death grip on our culture. It’ll happen… give it a little more time.

  • dvlaries

    If I’d read that quote in 1991, I wouldn’t have even bothered with one look at “The Patriot,” “Braveheart” or “Ransom,” but Gibson lost me anyway with his two-hour bloody gorefest of 2004, which I never will watch. I can think of no old film of his so good it can’t be skipped the rest of a lifetime.

    He was dropped by William Morris this past weekend. This is the same guy too who urged Heath Ledger not to play Ennis DelMar.

    I think Sean (No. 2) is right. All of the poison his father drilled into Mel in his formative years is now coming to fruition, and he has no one to blame but his own stupid mouth, every he opens it, for the implosion of his career. Goodbye Mel.

  • scott ny'er

    so we have Tom Cruise… bonkers on Oprah.

    Mel Gibson… bonkers a long time ago and again, now and peeps are seeing it.

    John Travolta… I guess he hasn’t had a scandal yet but his movies are doing as well and he did kiss that dude on the plane.

    all the 80’s big movie stars are doing so well now.

  • B

    No. 9 · Tony wrote, “…and did you hear the latest…Whoopie Goldberg doesn’t think Mel Gibson is a racist !!”

    Whoopie could be right – Gibson’s father is supposedly a rabid Holocaust denier so Mel Gibson probably grew up hearing all sorts of bigoted crap around home, with a lot of it stored in his brain due to the shear repetition. Add some alcohol and some of what he heard probably spews out. The question is whether he spews this garbage while sober.

    Also, note the date for the statement – 1991.

  • axos

    Now there is another tape out, worse than the first one. I too am beginning to think along the lines of some mental problem. He´s out of control.

  • reason

    Gibson has a track record of derogatory attacks towards gays that were publicly displayed throughout the years. Mel obviously has some some serious depression/substance abuse issues and anger issues that may also be related to his depression. I hope he finds help for those problems. His problems with bigotry seem to be more of a part of who he is, and counseling etc. will do little to change that. Some of the quotes Queerty didn’t publish:

    Jan 21, 1992 Good Morning America: In response to anger over previous statements.

    Mel: “I don’t think think there’s an apology necessary, and I’m certainly not giving one. If someone wants my opinion, I’ll give it. What, am I supposed to lie to them?

    Reporter: “Are you saying to me that you did not make any anti-gay statements at all?”

    Mel: “I didn’t lie. put it that way…”

    July 1995 Playboy: In response to GLAAD complaints
    Mel: ” I’ll apologize when hell freezes over. They can f*&k off.”

    Jan 2008 Ny Daily News Allegedly
    “Gibson turned cold toward Ledger after the Aussie star ignored his advice not to play a gay cowboy in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ according to private investigator Paul Barresi”

  • Jack E. Jett

    his latest film is directed by miss major closet case herself….ms jodie foster.

    i find it hard to believe that she couldn’t find another actor to play this role.

    to me she is just as much of a fuckwad as he is for hiring him in the first place.

  • christopher di spirito

    It’s difficult to believe this old, haggard, wrinkled, wreck is the same man who starred in the Road Warrior.

    See what the perfect trifecta of cigarettes, booze and hate will do to your looks?

  • BillySaint

    Seems ever since Mel’s Passion portrayed the false life of Jesus through the ill written way-off-base Biblical account, he has done a downward spiral. I guess making a movie full of lies about the most popular man on earth can have abject effect on the psyche.

  • B

    No. 24 · BillySaint wrote, “Seems ever since Mel’s Passion portrayed the false life of Jesus through the ill written way-off-base Biblical account, he has done a downward spiral.”

    When I first heard about it, I had planned on seeing it just to get to hear spoken Latin and Aramaic in a film. But then the reviews came out and I figured that sitting through a torture film just wasn’t worth it. so I skipped it.

  • rrr

    @Eminent Victorian: I think his people just managed to hide most of his hate and mania for a long time. Tom Cruise seems to be the same thing – TC fired his PR people and it seemed to the public like he had suddenly become a big ball of crazy but it was no doubt a long time thing his PR people had been concealing.

  • Eminent Victorian

    He definitely worked with people he knew were gay and to whom he was nice back on ‘Galipoli,’ but then he was trying to make a name for himself, when you more or less have to be nice. I lost professional patience with him in the way he insisted on handling the character of Edward II and Gaveston (The Gays) in ‘Braveheart.’ My money’s still on a combination of mental illness and alcohol abuse, but, yeah: d-bag is a d-bag. He’s got like a million children. One wonders how they’ll turn out.

  • bigbear

    His anti gay statement were so forgivable and he was still an American leading man afterwords, until he used the N word, now that is just crossing the line right? Why is homophobia tolerated but any hint of racism or sexism is frowned upon. just asking? I did not hear of his anti gay statements until now, on a blog. Why was the media not all over it then like they are now over the racist, sexist rant?

  • Cam

    @Eminent Victorian: said..

    “No. 13 · Eminent Victorian
    I can’t help thinking something has happened to Mel’s brain, like a degenerative mental illness, because his behaviors over the last ten years seem to be getting worse and worse, and how could the public not have known he was like this if he had always been like this? “”

    You would think but sadly, Mel has always been like this, but the behavior of sucessful stars is covered up by the press. They don’t want to piss off their publicists because they will say “Hey, you did a hatchet job on Mel Gibsom, well I also rep Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Lady Gaga, and now you and your magazine will never have access to any of them.”

    That is why we only saw how crazy Tom Cruise was AFTER he fired his publicist and replaced her with his sister. He used to be protected, then he wasn’t. Same with Mel, remember, none of the entertainment industry (Except for South Park) reported any of his crazyness. We are only finding out this latest because of leaked tapes. Lastly, if people don’t think the courts protect stars….those tapes were ordered by the court to not be released….tapes where somebody is actually admitting to felony domestic abused were ordered by the court to NOT BE RELEASED. With any normal person the court would have turned those over to the cops, at least the portion with the admission of the abuse.

  • Revemupman

    Like I said earlier, I expect this from Mel’s generation.

    1956 was quite a while ago.

  • reason

    @bigbear: That is pretty obvious, as times are changing desensitization towards homophobic remarks are changing as gays gain more respect. Take Mel’s racial insensitive remarks towards African Americans or Jews back to the 60’s or even latter and people wouldn’t have batted an eye.

  • L.

    @Revemupman: Um. Being born in 1956 means you came of age in 1974 or thereabouts. Flower power, Kent State, hippies, Hendrix, Vietnam protests, Club 54, post-MLK, post-RFK, post-Stonewall. I.e., in what may well have the acme of liberal and hedonistic times in the history of the US.

    Hardly means your becoming a racist bigot is a given.

  • axos

    Again – nothing to do with Mel’s generation. You find 80 year-olds who never were racists or homophobics, and you find twenty-somethings who seem to be submerged in the stuff. It has to do with upbringing, but also with personality and how much you are willing to use your brain, and on if you need something to hate in your life.

    When I listened to parts of the second tape, I got more convinced this man is really sick. He sounds cornered, swinging his fists in all directions so to speak, without the tools that an adult, healthy person has to look at his situation from outside and assess it.

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