Memers are coming for Jussie Smollett and it’s all getting very uncomfortable

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As conflicting stories continue to mount over the alleged attack of Empire star Jussie Smollett, celebrities and activists have begun preemptively criticizing the actor for possibly faking the whole thing.

Bisexual rapper Cardi B. recently took to social media to express her frustration with Smollett, saying she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt… for now. But, she added, if it turns out he lied then he really “f*cked up Black History Month.”

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Meanwhile, Comedian Dave Chappelle addressed the controversy during a recent stand-up set in Charlotte, North Carolina, telling the crowd he wanted to “break a dollhouse over [the actor’s] head” if he, indeed, lied about the attack.

Even Rev. Al Sharpton has weighed in, saying that if Smollett is being dishonest, he should face “accountability to the maximum”.

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It’s very important to note that, so far, police say they do not question the veracity of Smollett’s account and that the investigation is still ongoing.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department said Sunday, “While we are not in a position to confirm, deny or comment on the validity of what’s been unofficially released, there are some developments in this investigation and detectives have some follow-ups to complete which include speaking to the individual who reported the incident.”

But this hasn’t stopped memers from going after Smollett, accusing the 36-year-old actor of lying, even though the investigation into the attack is still open…

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