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Michael Steele’s Endorsement Of Marriage Discrimination Is Just A ‘Different View’

Continuing its interview series with potential RNC leaders, the National Organization for Marriage chatted with Michael Steele, the sitting chairman who wants to keep his job against all odds. And what did Mr. Steele, who’s previously talked about opening up the GOP to a wider audience, have to say about endorsing marriage discrimination? That he and the party need to do it! Not that it makes them anti-gay. No homo?

Steele goes so far as to say that he would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage at the national level, and would mobilize the nation’s new Republican leaders (especially those in state legislatures and governor posts) to generate support. That’s where Steele says he disagrees with, uh, Ken Mehlman, the former GOP head who’s come out as a big marriage equality-loving homosexual.

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  • Gary B.

    I love how people can be so eloquent and heartfelt and fighting for what they believe in, and at the same time be so desperately wrong and delusional. Wrong side of history anyone?

  • Adam

    “Not anti-anyone.” “Not exclusionary.”

  • scribe

    where is ewe and the other rightwingers on here saying he is right???

  • Jeffree

    Even the Republicans I know think Michael Steele is irrelevant. It seems clear that he has very little voice in setting the Repubs’ agenda or priorities.

    I would love to overhear the LogCabin people and the GOProud respond to him publicly based on what he said to NOM. I love a good debate….

    @Gary B. Nicely said!

  • scribe

    This dude is done in the GOP. He only got his job because obama got the white house, and the racist white dudes that run the party wanted a black face to grant them cover as they went after the President and showed videos of Mexicans breaking into the country doing their political season tis year. How steel can belong to a party that passed out cds of “Barack the magic negro” and teabaggers showing pictures of Barack wit a bone through his nose!!!! Come on ewe and the rest of your right wing self hating gay dudes tell me why this party is better than the dems for us.

  • reason

    Typical republican that will do or say anything to personally benefit themselves. Steele is going to miss that title that he so often uses to promote his books and entice people to give him speaking fees. I personally enjoyed his tenor, it showed the true nature of the average republican. Themselves before anything else.

  • Jeffree

    @Scribe: It could be a long wait…..Or not. Depends if they’re at their country club!


    @scribe: Absolute 100% Co-Sign. The one and only reason Steele was elected was for the regpunaticans to be able to say “hey, we like Black guys too”…………

    I hope to hell the repugnaticans nominate an entire slate extreme rightwing lunatic nutbags in 2012. Virtually all of them lost in November………..

  • Devon

    But you guyyyyyyyyys, the conservative movement is EMBRACING gays now!


  • Riker

    @Devon: More and more conservatives *are* embracing gays now. That’s part of the reason why this guy is going to be out of a job: he’s increasingly out of touch with his own party.

  • greybat

    So his drunken father dies of alcoholism, and he gets raised by his single mother.
    So basically, He’s not anti-Gay, just a man-hater!
    Well, well… live and learn!

  • alan brickman

    I guess jews and blacks are different too??? Horrible…..

  • tjr101

    @scribe: Well said!

  • gregger

    He is a disgusting excuse for a human being. A text book Republitard Bigot.

  • Syl

    Bloody Uncle Tom sellout. Nothing chaffes me worse as a biracial queer than blacks who are anti-gay rights. Hypocrites. There are no black rights, gay rights, etc. There are human rights only, and it is criminal and immoral to deny them of anyone.

  • Queer Supremacist

    That’s okay, Mikey. I support your right to marry any black male you want.

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