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Michael Steele’s Endorsement Of Marriage Discrimination Is Just A ‘Different View’

Continuing its interview series with potential RNC leaders, the National Organization for Marriage chatted with Michael Steele, the sitting chairman who wants to keep his job against all odds. And what did Mr. Steele, who’s previously talked about opening up the GOP to a wider audience, have to say about endorsing marriage discrimination? That he and the party need to do it! Not that it makes them anti-gay. No homo?

Steele goes so far as to say that he would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage at the national level, and would mobilize the nation’s new Republican leaders (especially those in state legislatures and governor posts) to generate support. That’s where Steele says he disagrees with, uh, Ken Mehlman, the former GOP head who’s come out as a big marriage equality-loving homosexual.