Did Senator Visit Haggard Hooker?

Mike Jones Claims Larry Craig Hook-Up

It’s a small world for closeted Republicans. Mike Jones, the escort who famously hooked Ted Haggard up with sex and drugs, says that Larry Craig contracted his unique services. Jones appeared dropped the bombshell during a Palm Springs radio interview Wednesday:

Management for the radio station says Jones told them he would reveal something about Idaho Senator Larry Craig on the Bulldog Bill Feingold Show.

While he hesitated doing so on the air, a NewsChannel 3 camera was rolling when he made the accusation during a commercial break.

Feingold asked whether the Senator had seen Jones in a hotel room.

Jones responded, “No, he came to see me.”

Jones then added, “His travel records to Denver have been documented. That’s what I wanted to say.”

NewsChannel 3 asked Senator Craig’s office to comment on the allegations that Craig came to Denver to see Jones, who calls himself a gay escort.

Craig’s office said in response, “Mike Jones’ allegations are completely false.”

We’re torn. Half of Queerty think Jones can’t tell a lie, but the other half smells “bullshit”. We all agree on one thing: Jones is a whore. A media whore, of course.