Mitt Romney Admits Ann Romney Can Be Tiring, Uses Her “Sparingly”

After endearing himself to millions across the nation by claiming that 47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes and view themselves as victims, Mitt Romney must be sleeping in the dog house over this comment about wife, Ann Romney:

“We … we, uh, use Ann sparingly right now so that people don’t get tired of her.”

First of all, who has the heart to tell him that ship sailed and sunk off the coast of Three Months Ago? Second of all, his dog house is probably larger than the average American’s regular house. And third of all, as Daily Kos points out, Mitt’s been “using” Ann from the jump:

We already know that Mitt uses his wife as a shield; in fact, the campaign admitted in July that it would deflect questions about Mitt’s taxes by accusing critics of attacking Ann since they were her taxes too.

Before that, Ann “loved” the supposedly oh-so-offensive comment that she’d never worked a day in her life (which she hasn’t, as she herself has said). Ann considered that supposed attack an “early birthday present,” since it was such a great fundraising opportunity for the campaign.

Romneyland has been trying for months to “use Ann” to bolster Mitt’s likability and to close that pesky gender gap.

That gap is more like a gaping maw at this point, but there’s still hope of using Ann to her greatest capabilities: a walking punchline.

As a bonus, here’s Romney mitting on his wife in his own carefully modulated tone of voice:

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  • Cam

    The thing that is shocking the Romney campaign is that The passive Agressive fake Piety of Mormon culture has made them think that Ann was a lovely woman and everybody thought so.

    Her remarks of “I don’t feel rich, real wealth comes from inside” are the types of things that she would say to other couples in their ward who have 6 kids and are struggling to make ends meet. Then they would all talk about how wonderful Ann was but secretly they would dispise her.

    The Romnmey’s are so out of touch that they actually thought Ann’s phony B.S. was an asset. They didn’t realize that the rest of the country doesn’t have to grit it’s teeth and pretend to smile when the Bishop or Ward President’s wife speaks.

  • GreenmanTN

    I can’t recall a single time that anyone, even Fox News, has talked about her being an asset to the campaign. She comes across as entitled, condescending, and clueless, the perfect robotic help-meet to her sociopathic husband, without opinions or thoughts of her own to clutter up her once-upon-a-time pretty head.


    What the fuck are they doing on a HOMOSEXUAL, site?. May be he want me to give a go on his ass.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Why is Queerty, a site about gay issues, so obsessed with Mitt fucking Romney? Obama has the gay vote sewn up—why all the hate for Romney? (other than, you know, just hating for the sake of being hateful)

  • Bellerophon69

    I like this being on Qweerty so I can just be katty! The woman is a boorish bottle blond who brings the old term “republican cloth coat” back into the vernacular; she has all the fashion sense of a Dress Barn clerk, which with her money she has no excuse! Her voice is just as annoying as Ann Coulter’s except she lacks the warmth, intelligence, and charm that the “shrill she-dude” already lacks in abundance. Plus at least Coulter comes off as a skinny, long haired, blond guy so I can turn off the sound and indulge my ” 60’s hippie surfer” and hot transgender fantasies. With the volume on Mrs. Romney just reminds me of a bitchy blond Anita Bryant who’s just lazy, rich, spoiled, dull, and pampered. Maybe if she did a “Martha Mitchell” and drank some booze with all that Valium she must be taking and went on the air she might make the race (and her life) a little more lively! Meeeyowww!

  • Rabbit

    @ BJ McFrisky – Are you fucking kidding me? Polticis is not a gay issue? Really?

    And no, the gay vote isn’t sewn up. Ever heard of GoProud or Log Cabin Republicans?

    Why don’t you go to the next fluff piece of what you’re supposed to wear on the plane to the next circuit party and shut the fuck up?

  • tjr101

    Gawd, hopefully November 6 will be the last we’ll have to look at her mug.

  • tjr101

    @Rabbit: GoProud and Log Cabin??? I can count their members on one hand, ok maybe two.

  • JennyDreadful

    Everyone knows that nothing endears oneself to their partner so much as referring to them as one would a sandwich condiment.

    BTW- as much hate as Romney (you choose which one) spews out, albeit coated in a perpetually smiling & self effacing “I’m just a regular guy” veneer, I am cool with throwing some back, whatever the forum. Getting a little venom out helps in avoiding a peptic ulcer and can be just plain fun.

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