More Voters Relying On Glenn Beck’s Crocodile Tears To ‘Inform’ Them About Politics

Sorry, Internet, but you just can’t beat the evening ramblings of Bill O’Reilly and Rachel Maddow when it comes to informing the electorate about important political issues like birth certificates and secret Muslims. A new Politico/GWU poll of “1,000 likely voters” finds some 81 percent of Americans get their political info from cable news channels, compared to 71 percent for broadcast networks and 72 percent for newspapers and their websites. The scariest part: “conversations with friends” account for 79 percent of political information gathering, as if your buddies actually know a good Christine O’Donnell joke when they hear one.

Actually, the real scary party: 55 percent of respondents had no idea who Rachel Maddow is.

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  • Will

    Absolutely nothing scary about not knowing Rachel Maddow.. She’s a hack and insignificant.

  • Bruno

    @Will: I bet you’re ecstatic that Ann Coulter’s getting some press though, huh?

  • Sug Night

    I’d like the chance to make this little Porky Pig of a man cry some REAL tears.

    More proof that people really are stupid.


    “1,000 likely voters” finds some

    81 percent from cable news channels,

    71 percent for broadcast networks

    72 percent for newspapers and their websites.

    79 per cebt conversations with friends”

    That is some pretty damn scary information!! Howeva, what is truly scary is that those percentages add up to 303%…….. *Slightly Confused*.

  • Ken S

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: It’s probably reasonable to assume there’s overlap in those numbers.

  • kenny

    Someone please for the love of God give this dude a fucking pacifier already.

  • Tom

    Why is Glenn Beck’s name mentioned in the headline and there is a picture of Glenn Beck, but there is no mention at all of him in the article?

  • Mac McNeill

    Most people who listen to Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity and Clouter really have no mind of their own and can’t make a decision. They are the sheep that the Republican Party cater’s to. They are the ones who are going to vote for the Teapartiers because someone told them that this is the new republikan party.


    This country is officially fucked.

  • mmmexperimental

    Actually in another article it said that the majority of respondents were older and that O’Reilly’s numbers are mostly made up of ppl in their 60’s. Younger viewers made up a small percentage of the survey. So Faux News has a large audience but they are older and the older they are the sooner they will be gone. What does Faux do when their audience starts to die out? And lets face it, the younger you are the less likely you are to watch TV!


    The poll was skewed to older viewers. Those under 30 get their news from Jon Stewart. This poll shows only that another few years & Faux News will run out of viewers by decimation!

  • Soupy

    Why do I believe that this is the look on his face when he plays with his little buddy?

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