Morning Goods: Marcello and Enrico de Giuli


If ever there was an MG that was going to damn your editor to hell, it’s this duo. Marcello (the dark-haired one) and Enrico (the bottom) are sexy Italian boyfriends. Recently, they did a spread for Aussie mag DNA. However, their primary occupation is “high class escort.” Based out of London, the happy couple is available for your every need. They have a website (oh so NSFW), where they talk about how smart, mannered and sex-crazed they are and while we always thought the phrase “high-class escort” was a cheezy gimmick (as pretty much the whole escort thing in general is), it took *ahem* a while for us to muster up the proper concentration to put together this MG and not, you know, gaze at the screen with our jaws on the keyboard. Is now a good time to mention your editor’s birthday is coming up?