drip drip

There is “much more explicit” dirt on Madison Cawthorn floating around out there

There are only five days until Madison Cawthorn‘s primary election, and it seems the entire Republican establishment (not to mention his primary opponents) want nothing more than to make his first term in Congress his last.

And it could shape up to be an interesting five days, as there’s no indication the drip-drip release of politically damaging material has run dry. Actually, it’s just the opposite.

The most recent video leak of Cawthorn — the infamous humping clip — was leaked by American Muckrakers PAC, a political group that runs the Fire Madison Cawthorn website.

And according to the group’s spokesperson, David Wheeler, American Muckrakers is in possession of “much more explicit material featuring the congressman–material Wheeler said he could not publish without breaking North Carolina law.”

Which begs the question…what is in that material?!

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The PAC says it received the naked humping video via email, from an anonymous source who was formerly a supporter and donor for Cawthorn.

The Hill noted that chances are, Cawthorn knows who the source is, “both because some of it must be from limited original sources (how many people were in the room during the nude ‘joking?’ And the angle of the crotch-grab video seems to suggest it was his own aide who recorded it) and because he suggests that it’s a ‘blackmail’ campaign, although he doesn’t say quite what he’s being pressured to do in order to stop the releases.”

Only time will tell if more videos of Cawthorn will make the rounds ahead of the May 16 primary, but the odds seem pretty likely.