Who's your daddybear?

New dating app aims to connect ‘wealthy gay daddies’ with ‘healthy gay bears’

Hey bears, do you need some honey in your life?

DaddyBear is a new hookup, er, dating app that connects “wealthy gay daddies” with “healthy gay bears.”

That’s right, folks. The app, which just launched and already claims to be the “No.1 gay sugar daddy dating app,” (that’s quite a narrow category) was specifically designed with older gents in mind. Of course, in the gay world, “older” could mean anyone over the age of 35, so…

According to the app’s About page, daddies are “rich men who have more money and social wealth than you do.” Everyone should date a daddy because “most mature gay daddies grew up under the macro environment of AIDS epidemic and scare, so they know how to protect themselves and you, and enjoy safe sex with you.”

Um. OK.

“Our team has spent a long time studying people in gay support and discovering the factors that makes gay sugar daddies and gay bears truly compatible, which is the idea of creating DaddyBear,” the app’s marketing manager, a man by the name of Robert (apparently he has no surname), says in a press release.

“What we aim to provide for our customers is a private and safe community where they can enjoy a great time while looking and chatting with their potential dates.”

DaddyBear has all the features of your typical gay hookup app. You can browse profiles, you can chat, you can swap pics, you can arrange hookups, you know the drill.

“You will be happier and more secure in your role as a daddy-son than you ever was before,” the app claims, “because your gay daddy are kindly, typically, wisdom and are a real DADDY who can give you more support you never got from your father.”


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  • jkthsnk

    I’m into it but that grammar is abysmal.

    • ChrisK

      That’s because they’re Chinese.

    • ChrisK

      I mean their. Ha.

    • DaddyBearApp

      Hi Graham Gremore,

      We highly appreciate that you have shared DaddyBear app here for all gay sugar daddies and gay men who are looking for gay arrangement and hookup.

      With the fact that most gay men care more about health than sex when seeking gay relationship, we create this gay dating app to meet their needs. If you are worried about meeting gay men who are living with HIV, then you can feel relieved with our App because we are trying our best to make sure that all users you meet will be healthy and without HIV, starting from adding a feature to allow users to verify their health condition.

      To get GaddyBear App, please visit the following link.

      IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1244767450
      Website: http://www.gaydaddybear.com/

      Best Regards,

      DaddyBear Team

    • ggmmdaddy

      many people on it keep wanting me to go over to kik after I put my photos for about 2 minutes. it seems too m any gay babies there.

    • lawdude

      You Should have more “free” access. Needs more checks and balances to prevent all fake sugar babies because there are lots of them on here. BEWARE!! Don’t fall for deployed military, overseas when their profile says a U.S. state.

    • queenmm

      It is wired that we can only pay to send messages. But I must say, it worth every penny I paid. Met many cute boys and I never thought chatting could be this great.

    • MrDavidDC

      Graham, what the hell are you doing promoting an app that discriminates against people with HIV? Not only is that immoral and unethical, but it is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They don’t deserve a fluff promotion piece, they deserve universal condemnation.

    • redjey

      Really Queerty ? An article that promotes a gay dating apps that celebrates discrimination and serophobia… that is appalling. We would expect much better from you.

      The concept of being healthy is great. We all are thriving to be healthy and wealthy (the most of us ?) but when healthy means HIV-, there is a problem. You both, Daddybear and Queerty, should be ashamed of yourself.

  • He BGB

    Didn’t China businessmen buy Grindr? Must have invented or bought this one, too. But the healthy part is bothersome. How healthy do you have to be to qualify? Are they talking in terms of detectable or Tcells? Have a cold or flu?

    • sugargay

      I’m not sure if China businessmen get DaddyBear like Grindr, but I believe the app is for gay sugar daddies and young gay sons in America. I placed my photos on the app last month and met tens of gay babies in NY, so I think it’s worth being tried.

    • ChrisK

      You do realize that saying “young gay sons” and “gay babies” is pedo language.

  • miserylovedme24

    What do they mean by healthy? That seems like an odd word to throw in there.

    • Bearguy

      My friends say I’m a bear guy, lol….
      I’m a healthy and wealthy bear gay daddy looking for some handsome gay boys for travel. I’m planing to travel to Victoria in Australia. If you are interested in both gay lifestyle and travel, please hi me on DaddyBear. My name there is the same bearguy. thanks

    • bearsuperman

      Don’t you agree that being healthy is good for us? A healthy partner, a healthy relationship and bla bla bla

    • MrDavidDC

      They mean HIV-. They discriminate against people with HIV, in violation of the ADA.

    • jhonsongg

      Yeah, it’s a really awesome dating app for me. It is really awesome and I really love to use it. There are many nice guys and we can talk freely on the app about things that we all interested in. I am glad that I can find such a great place to make friends with men who are just like me.

    • heythere

      Im looking for a sugar daddy there, can you send me a message on gaydaddybear app. maybe we can have a nice talk

    • Bbigfunguy

      I live in Brazil and want to looking for a gay daddy in America, I registered an sugar baby profile in USA and paid 9.99 for the membership then the app guys trying to block my account. do you mean this app is for American only? if yes, please hide other countries, shit…

    • stilllookingfor

      Thanks for your offer, I have got this sugar daddy app. but it may not work for me. Im not a rich man, but I still want to meet my special one, there are many young and hot people, are they only looking for rich gay sugar daddy there ? and the older people like me only want to meet sugar gay baby ? I know it’s a gay sugar daddy app, It’s for gay sugar daddy and gay sugar baby. but can there be a third option, just normal gay meet normal gay , just my advice.

    • Stache

      Wow. All these new user names come out today for this site. Must be really special.

    • andone

      my friends tell me this app today, just check it out and don’t know whthere it’s good or not. seems it’s a gay hookup app for sugar daddy ? That is very special, I didn’t know there is a dating app like this one.

    • bearsuperman

      I totally agree with you. It is definitley a great gay dating app and I know it will blow up one day

    • Brian

      Right Stache? It’s just amazing how many people, with the same awkward grammar, have come flying out of the woodwork to talk about this icky sounding app. It must be 1998 all over again, because I’m totally believing they’re different people. Who is dumb enough in 2017 to create multiple screennames and have such an obvious conversation with himself? It must be true!

    • lawrencejj

      This gay sugar daddy app is very useful for me. It tries its best to make itself more friendly and comfortably for gay people to have positive experiences. It is a great gay social app that I’ve ever used in the past years.

    • Gaybear23

      I love this app, people there are very nice, I feel comfortable in daddybear app, I think I can find more friends even it’s a dating app. I know it’s impossbile , but I do have this feeling. I have shared this app with my friends. It’s a really good product for gay people who are looking for relationship and more!!!!!

  • superdaddy55

    Is that a dating app for gay sugar daddy and gay sugar baby ? I think most gay people need it very much since currently there are no such a gay dating app for gay sugar daddy. but I still have a question for this app. how can it be both healthy and wealthy ? I can understand the healthy, but no all sugar daddy are rich. any way, it’s a nice app for gay. this article didn’t tell their website, is that http://www.gaydaddybear.com ? I

    • heythere

      Seem yes, I like this app as well. what’s your username there ? Are you a gay sugar daddy there

    • lovebigmen

      This app is full of old gay men, too many gay daddies who are hooking up local young gay boys, and most of them in the end just want sex. These men are nowhere near sugar material. I registered an account last week, and I’ve received nothing but messages from old men who want to offer me to be my sugar daddy. Half of them are just using the app as a tinder. Just a few of them are willing to make arrangements, what they want is more about sex.

    • whitegy

      Yes, I tried it. Even if it is still a small gay social site there’s lots we can do.

  • heythere

    I love this app, just download and use it for 10 minutes, I got 10 messages there. almost from local people. It’s amazing. How can it be so active ? I just wonder how many gay bears on this app, 20k or even more ? It’s a good app for gay sugar baby and gay sugar daddy. I think my single gay friends should know it.

    • Frank765

      Are you serious? I’m going to download it and wish you could guide me there.

  • Frank765

    I’d rather say that why not download it to see if it is great and safe. I’m an adventurous gay man and willing to take a risk. You don’t know what’s in there.

  • Jack Field

    A new app for gay men? Sounds great for me. I will come back for you after I tried it. Wish me luck!

  • Josh1988

    They don’t verify my photo and even don’t have this feature. I am not safe on it! If they see me here, please consider to make it real by claiming healthy and safe. THANK YOU! If not for this, I recommend you guys to try it.

  • seaton

    I just tried the app, it seems difficult to search local gays. I’d been trying to get assistance from app developer but haven’t hear back yet. This is a gay tinder dating app, so you had better use tinder if you are not looking for a gay men.

  • decony

    Please don’t give your number to anyone who message you on this site. The next day you do you will received Tons of robo-calls. Apple should take down this app.

  • Mickeyguy

    No matter what you guys say about it, I think it works well for me. I got real matches there, not some people who are pretending to be good. Really nice.

  • bearsuperman

    So far I assume it is cool. I am a member and it glitches a little sometimes but it is alright most of the time. Good for men like me to look for partners and I think you may need it too.

  • Jamiewow

    Why sugar daddies I met with this app all trying to get my bank info? That’s ridiculous. Do they really think I will give my info to them? I’m not an idiot! I’m waiting for a real daddy.

  • colinbbg

    This tinder style app is not so active like Tinder. I’m a gay man and got an account there two day ago. Many of the members there are goosing you to send your photos, but few gay sugar daddy would like to hand out money and request you to be a upgrading member. I like tinder style but this app is still not so popular.

  • Gaybear23

    as a gay, Im looking for truelove and serious relationship, but Im also ok with the gay sugar daddy. In the long time, I think it’s impossible that one app can slove this problem until I found daddybear. I Can find normal young gay boy and also meet the wealthy gay daddy. Im not greedy, but why not give it a try since we can do it both.

    • whitebearguy

      just be yourself !

  • whitebearguy

    How many of you guy know this app from your friends ? My friends share this app on the fb, I just reach this for one hour, maybe it’s too early to post a comment about it.I can only tell this app is not the best app I ever used, but it’s a very creative app for gay people, before this, no one does the before, connect gay sugar daddy with young gay boys. nice job

    • strongay

      On other dating apps, u can meet hot ones, but it is difficult to hang out because the long distance there may had. But this one u can meet locals, great

  • christiangay

    It helps people like me, shy and wanna meet cute boys, gay bars are too loud for me, and I don’t know how to flirt with them, but with this app, chatting by phones are so much easier for me

  • Braver

    Sorry, but this app is soaking in ignorance and stigmatization. I’m out.

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