Neymar’s new trunks, Isaac Souza’s big win, & Mark Miller’s comeback

This week Italian soccer star Ciro Immobile made his Drag Race debut, Jeremy Allen White’s homoerotic photoshoot had Gay Twitter in a chokehold, and People magazine named Travis Kelce the sexiest male athlete alive. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Neymar stripped down.

Ashley McKenzie ordered poolside.

Mike Rizzi added a belt.

Chris Salvatore bathed in the river.

Omar Ahmed visited the Golden Gate Bridge.

Isaac Souza played in the Pan American Games.

Brandon Kyle Goodman got a haircut.

Matteo Lane and Evan Williams compared bodies.

Mark Miller came back.

Allan Souza Lima took a ride.

Danis Del Mono stretched.

Taylor Stilson had the gym to himself.

Jordan Torres dropped a calendar.

Ryan Cleary stayed still.

Maxwell Poth wore blue.

Agustin Anton flexed.

Locky Brownlie dressed up.

Chris Stanley spread out.

Heath Thorpe leaned back.

And Gabriel Drummond took a break.

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