Nick Jonas Can’t Stop Talking About Gays, Says He Still Really Loves Us

nick-jonas-gay-interviewNick Jonas has essentially turned the publicity tour for his self-titled debut solo album into a tease campaign directed exclusively at gay men that want to sleep with Nick Jonas. Is he trying to release an album here or is he trying to ask us out? The suspense is killing us. It’s brilliant. (We’d say yes.)

The former JoBro launched his new single “Jealous” at two different gay clubs in Manhattan last week, flashing his beautiful abs for the crowds at both and even dancing on stage with some shirtless go-go boys at one.

He continued the week by telling MTV that he “loves [his gay fans] to death,” and later in an interview with HuffPo, he demonstrated some of the poses he may strike during his character’s gay sex scenes in Kingdom.

In his latest interview on Friday, Nick reached even further down our pants by admitting to Logo that the Jonas Brothers never did enough for their gay fans, and that he thinks we’re “incredible” and “fun.”

I grew up doing theater here in New York, surrounded by [the gay community] and loving it and loving all the friends I made at a very young age. When my brothers and I started touring and had some success, naturally they became a pretty big part of our following, and I don’t know that we ever did enough to really own that.

This time around, with my career, and my steps I’m taking, I really want to make an effort to embrace the community with wide open arms, and they’re the best fans in the world.

STOP, Nick! We’re blushing!

They have very good taste, as well, which I think is incredible.

Yes, Nick. But our taste may be acquired. You should try it sometime.

Check out the interview below: