No, Anderson Cooper Is Not America’s Most Trusted Newscaster


Sorry, kiddos, but Anderson Cooper is not considered America’s most-trusted newscaster in the post-Cronkite era. (Nor is pundit Rachel Maddow.) Like all such superlatives, this honor is bestowed upon a middle-aged white guy. Of the “fake news” variety.

With almost 10,000 votes, Time magazine’s poll says it’s Emmy-winning, young-person favorite Jon Stewart, whose television show airs on a network called Comedy Central (!) that has Cronkite’s voice of authority. And he does it while making you laugh at anti-gay Republicans sometimes!

This means he beat out real newscasters like Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson, and Katie Couric. (This also means Matt Lauer lost the race, too.)

And, of course, Anderson Cooper is among the losers. But how can you put your trust in a guy when he doesn’t even trust you with his sexuality?


(Thanks, Matt!)