NOM Throws Its Hat Into The French Gay Marriage Debate With New Website

nom-frenchThe National Organization for Marriage, not content with its attempts to thwart the march towards marriage equality in the states, has gone international with a new French website.

Good As You reports:

On Friday, a “Laissez-Nous Voter” site (Let Us Vote) popped up. The site is geared toward telling the French people that same-gender couple’s civil marriage right should go before a public referendum.

And who, would you guess, is behind this French site? Why none other than Texan Colton Brugger, the OPUSFidelis tech guy who does all of the National Organization For Marriage’s web work.

Proving that it has elected itself the global watchdog against gay marriage, NOM’s Brian Brown was also in France over the weekend for the massive rally that drew hundreds of thousands of participants.