Obama Hires 7 Gay People to Head Transition Teams

Seven openly gay peoplehave been assigned to head transition panels that will review federal agencies and departments by incoming President Barack Obama. They are among the 300 people who are serving in similar roles before January’s inauguration.

They are businessman Fred P. Hochberg, former San Francisco Supervisor Roberta Achtenberg, and labor attorney Elaine Kaplan, Rick Stamberger, president and CEO of SmartBrief, Inc., Brad Kiley, member of the Center for American Progress, Thomas Soto an investment fund manager focusing on “clean technologies” and former Romanian Ambassador Michael Guest (pictured, right).

According to a statement on transition team websites:

“The Agency Review Teams for the Obama-Biden Transition will complete a thorough review of key departments, agencies and commissions of the United States government as well as the White House…[and will] provide the president-elect, the vice president-elect, and key advisors with information needed to make strategic policy, budgetary, and personnel decisions prior to the inauguration”

Traditionally, these transition team posts are translated into mid or high level position within the administration once the President is sworn in.

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  • Paul Raposo

    This is excellent. But let’s not forget that Clinton hired many gays when he pecame prez before, as Jack E. Jett is fond of writing; hate fucking us.

    I still remember the images on CNN of WH security handling gay protesters with blue rubber gloves, something they had never done with any previous protesters.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Wake up HRC and Log Cabin Republicans – these people are the real gay leaders of America. Not a single sycophant, starfucking fundraiser in the bunch.

    While I am as skeptical as Paul Raposo about what will happen under an Obama presidency I ask everyone to be patient, wait and see and work locally. As much as we hate to admit it, gay rights is not the penultimate challenge facing America as the new President prepares to assume the mantle of power. Give him the time and support he needs.

  • michael

    agree let it lay for now the man has only so much he can do at once . he will help us that is a given . be patient . time will be on our side

  • Jack E. Jett


    I am so down with you …down in Florida.

    These are our REAL leaders and I doubt that any of them frequent rubber chicken dinners with
    the HRC and some sitcom star.

    If the HRC spent half their time and money on action versus catering, we might get somewhere.

  • Distingué Traces

    Roberta Achtenberg WOOOOOOOOO! She’s awesome.

  • Marc

    @Paul Raposo:
    Never heard of it
    Do you have a link?

  • Paul Raposo

    Marc, here’s a link:


    And I was mistaken. They were not protesters–they were invited to the WH and still recived this treatment:

    About 40 visitors, who included state senators and representatives and other elected officials, were met by members of the uniformed division of the Secret Service, many of them wearing rubber gloves.

  • Reginald Krafty

    Kenya Ambassador Confirms

    Kenyan Ambassador plainly admits O was born in Kenya and that the location of his birth is “already an attraction” and that a monument may be built there by the government.

    Listen beginning at 12:15 into the MP3 File on this page…


  • Dale

    @Alan down in Florida:
    Never be complacent. Never be patient. There are people a thousand times more powerful working to destroy all the rights of the gay community. Push, push, push. Speak out. Be heard. Never ever stop fighting and never expect that someone else is actually ever going to fight for your rights.

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