Obama Will Tell Us His Plan for Repealing DADT ‘In The Days and Weeks Ahead.’ Oh Goodie!

Valerie Jarrett is one of President Obama’s best friends, and also his senior adviser, and was on hand last night to follow up her boss’ State of the Union speech. Including that little part where he said, “this year,” he’d work with Congress and the military to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And, what’s this, a commitment?

“He was very clear this evening that the intends to do it,” Jarrett tells Rachel Maddow. “He said it in the campaign, he said it very clearly throughout the year. He’s going to begin a process starting right away to move forward with that. And in the days and weeks ahead, he will outline that for you and the general public specifically how he’ll do that. I was very heartened to see the level of applause in the chamber tonight behind that. I think the time has certainly come for the repeal, and I think that the the president made it very clear tonight that he’s committed to getting it done.”

This is big, because while Obama hasn’t really given himself a timeline — “this year” could mean only that he starts working on the repeal by Dec. 31 — his top adviser just did. Now we have just “days and weeks” to wait for Obama to deliver on this promise. Which means either Gay Inc. will give him a rest until March, or they will continue mounting pressure on the White House to make good on his campaign guarantee, and then act surprised if he falters. Heh. Which do you think it’ll be?

(Cue to 10:52)

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  • hyhybt

    I don’t see why, if you didn’t like how he said it, you like her way better: after all, she didn’t say how many days or weeks, so 337 days or 48 weeks would still be accurate.

  • Josh_Texas

    After the speech, I received the following email:

    I just finished delivering my first State of the Union address.

    I set out an urgent plan for restoring economic security for struggling middle class families. This is my top priority, but I cannot do it alone — and that’s why I’m writing to you now.

    Tonight, I called on Congress to enact reforms and new initiatives to defend the middle class — to create millions of new jobs, support small businesses, and drive up wages; to invest in the education of our children and the clean energy technology that must power our future; and to protect the economy from reckless Wall Street abuses.

    And I made my position on health reform clear: We must not walk away. We are too close, and the stakes are too high for too many. I called on legislators of both parties to find a way to come together and finish the job for the American people.

    I have no illusions — there have been setbacks, and there will be more to come. The special interests who have shaped the status quo will keep fighting tooth and nail to preserve it.

    So tonight, I’m asking you to join me in the work ahead. I need your voice. I need your passion. And I need your support.

    Can you help fuel our fight for the middle class with a monthly donation of $15 or more?


    We have just finished a difficult year. We have come through a difficult decade. But a new year has come. A new decade stretches before us. We don’t quit. I don’t quit. Let’s seize this moment — to start anew, to carry the dream forward, and to strengthen our union once more.

    Thank you for making it possible,

    President Barack Obama

    It’s about fund-raising. He knows the Congress won’t support ENDA, DADT or DOMA. But, he’ll “work with them,” if you send some money.

    Sorry Mr. President, you are HOPEless.

  • dan j

    He will get a lot of resistance from the religious conservatives, but I think this is doable and should be done ASAP. DADT reinforces and continues the prejudice it was designed to accommodate, and therefore stigmatizes us all. We must pressure him and our reps. to repeal it.

    As Goldwater said way back in ’93: “When the facts lead to one conclusion, I say it’s time to act, not to hide. The country and the military know that eventually the ban will be lifted. The only remaining questions are how much muck we will all be dragged through, and how many brave Americans will have their lives and careers destroyed in a senseless attempt to stall the inevitable.”

  • Brian NYC

    “His” plan? HRC said it was their plan.

    They are ALL full of shit. Any LGBT issues are DOA in the US Senate.

  • schlukitz

    A $15.00 a month donation, for Lord knows how long, to do the right thing, while giving away billions in taxpayers monies (without their permission)to the banks, AIG and Wall Street Fat Cats?

    In a pig’s ass! He has some nerve.

  • hyhybt

    @schlukitz: If they pay it back, it’s not giving it away, but lending.

  • Brian NJ

    He could be our Lincoln, or stinkin.’ Lets see what he is made of.

  • Peter

    I think that if one is to say that ‘they support the troops’; that they would “support ALL the troops”. “Oops” guess they really did not mean ALL the troops. Discrimination is such a terrible thing to figure out; (how to discriminate and not let it show). Just like Gay marriage.

  • schlukitz

    No. 5 · hyhybt

    @schlukitz: If they pay it back, it’s not giving it away, but lending.

    And it’s “lending”, only IF they pay it back.

  • Brian NYC

    “Years ago, fairy tales all began with Once upon a time… now we know they all begin with, If I am elected . . . ”

    – Carolyn Warner

  • 1EqualityUSA

    So fun, #9

  • schlukitz

    No. 9 · Brian NYC

    That’s an excellent quote by Carolyn Warner.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Brian NYC

    @schlukitz: Certainly, squirt. ; )

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Why don’t you all go vote for the republicans and ask
    them to repeal DADT. Get back to me and tell me how
    that’s working out for ya.

  • Brian NYC

    @Dirty Ole Man: It’s doesn’t matter – the US Senate will not allow the repeal of DADT. End of story.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I cannot believe that gay soldiers are sent abroad to fight for American ideals and put their lives in danger and, yet, they are discriminated against in their own country. It is so damned disrespectful. In refusing to support democrats, send all those saved dollars to D.A.V. Disabled American Veterans P.O. Box 14301 Cincinnati, Oh 45250-0301 and tell the D.A.V. that it is queer money. DADT needs to go first and then DOMA. (Stains)

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Josh_Texas, Regarding your letter from Obama, I spammed him about a month ago.

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