Valerie Jarrett is one of President Obama’s best friends, and also his senior adviser, and was on hand last night to follow up her boss’ State of the Union speech. Including that little part where he said, “this year,” he’d work with Congress and the military to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And, what’s this, a commitment?

“He was very clear this evening that the intends to do it,” Jarrett tells Rachel Maddow. “He said it in the campaign, he said it very clearly throughout the year. He’s going to begin a process starting right away to move forward with that. And in the days and weeks ahead, he will outline that for you and the general public specifically how he’ll do that. I was very heartened to see the level of applause in the chamber tonight behind that. I think the time has certainly come for the repeal, and I think that the the president made it very clear tonight that he’s committed to getting it done.”

This is big, because while Obama hasn’t really given himself a timeline — “this year” could mean only that he starts working on the repeal by Dec. 31 — his top adviser just did. Now we have just “days and weeks” to wait for Obama to deliver on this promise. Which means either Gay Inc. will give him a rest until March, or they will continue mounting pressure on the White House to make good on his campaign guarantee, and then act surprised if he falters. Heh. Which do you think it’ll be?

(Cue to 10:52)

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