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Rome: The Complete Series
($139.99 Blu-Ray, $99.98 DVD, HBO)

Did Immortals and Spartacus whet your appetite for sword-and-sandal antics? Reportedly so expensive that only two seasons were possible, this lush costume drama tracks Julius Caesar’s fall and the subsequent tumult between hot young would-be emperor Octavian (Simon Woods) and manly rival Mark Antony (James Purefoy). Surprisingly bereft of gladiator-on-gladiator  scenes, Rome did offer plenty of (often naked) male pulchritude for us to lust over. Plus, there’s a delicious series-long catfight between Polly Walker’s manipulative Atia and Lindsay Duncan’s Servilia, who had a sapphic relationship with Atia’s daughter, Octavia (Kerry Condon). Real Housewives of Rome, anyone?

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