Pablo Alborán made international headlines in June when he announced he was gay in a video shared with his 5.7 million followers on Instagram. Now, he’s preparing to release his first album since coming out and he has some interesting things to say about the experience.

Speaking to GQ Spain, the 31-year-old Spanish pop star says he still feels like the same person he was before coming out to the world, but the burden of hiding his true identity has been lifted.

“I’m a normal guy, who laughs at everything, who wants to have fun,” he explains. “And now, in addition, I can look at people and say: this is me.”

When asked about his coming out video, Alborán says he never expected it garner international attention. In fact, the whole thing was kinda sorta an afterthought.

“I didn’t plan it and it wasn’t a very thoughtful decision either,” he says. “It was a weekend that I had to go to Madrid for work. I saw how the city was. I saw my empty house.”

Alborán, who was already out to his family, says he became overcome with an “apocalyptic feeling.” That’s when he decided he didn’t want to live with the constant fear of being “caught.” So he took out his phone and turned on his camera.

24 hours later, he was making headlines around the world.

“I have heard people call it a marketing strategy,” Alborán says. “I have also heard that I had a coach who helped prepare me. They have said everything.”

None of this is true, however. The whole thing really was spontaneous.

Mostly, however, Alborán says he’s received well wishes and an outpouring of support from fans.

“I have received a flood of love and stories that I swear I did not imagine,” he says, adding that he’s heard from mothers who used his coming out video to teach their children about LGBTQ people, and fans were inspired by it to share their own truths.

As for his new music, Alborán says the songs, particularly the love songs, have “nothing to do with whether you like men or women.”

“They are a way to understand love,” he says. “For me it is important that everyone feels identified.”

Alborán’s new album Vertigo hits stores and streaming platforms later this year. Its lead single “Si Habieras Querido” will be released this Thursday.

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