rainbow-vaccine-580x326-2y3ezi8k7k67ii9ggm13wqJust when we thought we’d heard it all, Vactruth, an online propaganda group for parents who are “non-vaccinating, selectively vaccinating and undecided regarding vaccination,” posted the following message to its Facebook page:

Do you think vaccinating a child with vaccines, that are made up of endocrine disrupting chemicals, can affect the outcome of a person’s sexuality? Homosexuality is found in nature in other species and has occurred in populations long before the advent of vaccines. Some believe vaccines affect sexuality and some don’t. It is known that vaccines do disrupt hormonal function and can cause fertility and thyroid problems, so this is a legitimate question some people want to learn more about.

The post included a link to a 2000 study out of the Christian-run Wheaton College titled “Can Hormones Affect Sexual Orientation” published on a website called ProCon.org.

Naturally, many people were outraged by the post.

“Most offensive thing I’ve read today,” Sara Knight of Woodlands, TX wrote.

“So if I was born gay, the vaccines turned me straight?” Sue So of Castle Rock, CO asked.

“Oh definitely. Most homosexuals that I know have been vaccinated so it only makes sense,” Pamela Goldstein of Stowe, VT added.

Others agreed with the idea that vaccinations may, indeed, cause homosexuality.

“That is interesting because a lot of vets that were exposed to agent orange had children that are homosexual,” Samantha Schmitz of Watkins, MN wrote.

“Never thought about it, but I do believe that vaccines can contaminate nerves, hormones and receptors! Therefore I don’t think I could rule it out of possibilities!” Haylee-James Ratliff of Wilison, OK said. Then she added: “That would then change MY Opinion that homosexuality was JUST a choice to that it could be an affliction.”

Vactruth was founded in 2009 by retired veteran Jeffry John Aufderheide, who started the group after he believed his son “stopped reaching his developmental milestones” as a result of too many vaccinations. Other articles the group has shared in the past have been “Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Dogs At All,” “Vaccines Will Be Made From Human Cancer Tumors,” and “Bill Gates Funds Technology To Destroy Your Sperm.”

Now, in response to VacTruth’s question, “Do you think vaccinating a child with vaccines, that are made up of endocrine disrupting chemicals, can affect the outcome of a person’s sexuality?” The answer is a clear and resounding: No.

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