People are really confused about this upcoming ‘Little Mermaid Live!’ thing starring John Stamos

ABC just released the first trailer for The Little Mermaid Live!, set to air on November 5, and people aren’t sure what to make of it.

Just to be clear, this is different from the live action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid that’s set to go into production early next year.

The live TV production will feature up-and-comer Auli’i Cravalho as Ariel, Queen Latifah as Ursula, and Graham Phillips as Prince Eric. John Stamos will play Chef Louis, and Shaggy (huh??) will play Sebastian.

According to ABC, The Little Mermaid Live! will offer TV audiences a “never-before-seen hybrid format that will take viewers on a magical adventure under the sea as live musical performances by a star-studded cast are interwoven into the broadcast of the original feature film.”

OK, so based on that description, it sounds like ABC is going to air the original 1989 cartoon version of The Little Mermaid interspersed with real humans dressed as the cartoons performing the musical numbers. Sort of like a concert. Or something.

Here’s the trailer, which offers very little clarity on what exactly this is going to be…

Twitter seems to be having a difficult time wrapping its head around the whole thing.

Many are having trouble understanding not only what it’s supposed to be, but why ABC is doing a live TV production in the first place, when Disney has already announced it’s doing a live action film adaptation.

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