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PHOTOS: Hello zaddy! 16 pics to celebrate Shaun T launching his own underwear line

Shaun T
Shaun T (Photo: ShaunT/Twitter)

Fitness instructor Shaun T is branching out. The man behind the T25 and Insanity workouts announced last week the unveiling of his own underwear range. The brand is aptly named ‘T Bone Threads’ (we see what he’s doing there). The inaugural collection consists of briefs, a jockstrap, caps, socks, and T-shirts.

T Bones Threads underwear by Shaun T
(Photo: T Bones Threads)

The socks, caps and T-shirts are embroidered with either “daddy”, “zaddy” or “papi”.

Shaun T (née Shaun Thompson) was born in 1978, and raised in New Jersey and Philadelphia. He became famous for his workouts. In the last couple of years, he’s also begun training as a competitive bodybuilder and documenting his journey online.

This means a never-ending supply of photos to his Instagram and Twitter in which he wears nothing but skimpy briefs… or less!

Shaun, 45, married his husband Scott Blokker back in 2012. They tried for several years to become parents. In 2017, they finally became dads to twin sons Silas Rhys and Sander Vaughn via surrogacy. Shaun often shares adorable videos of his family life on his Instagram (with the thirstier stuff over on Twitter).

Shaun’s a candid, unapologetic gay dad. He’s previously dismissed haters that have tried to chastise him for posting content that focuses on his butt. Frankly, he has amazing glutes and works hard to keep it that way! In response to some comments he got on his Instagram last year, he posted the following, blunt message.

“PSA: I’m never gonna stop shaking my ass, I’m never gonna stop showing my ass (even when it doesn’t have the lift), and most importantly – I WILL NEVER AGAIN PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING OTHER THAN MYSELF to appease the morality police! I came out of the closet at 21yrs old AND I’M NEVER GOING BACK IN to hide ANYTHING rainbow🌈”

His new business venture suggests he’s leaning even more into his true self, and he still doesn’t give a damn what others think. He proudly models his new jockstrap himself in promotional material – photos that are too hot for us to share here but you can see on the T Bone Threads Twitter.

Even so, to celebrate the launch of T Bone Threads, here are some gorgeous photos of Mr. T (and his equally stunning hubby).

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