PHOTOS: Hot Brotherly Love


Much to the dismay of fans of aging boy bands everywhere, the Jonas Brothers announced they were breaking up this week … just as they were getting all sexy, buff and swarthy! And while no self-respecting gay boy should be able to name one of their Disney rock songs to save their life, everyone knows nobody fills out a tight Mickey Mouse T-shirt quite like Nick and Joe. Sorry, Kevin.

So while these former purity ring wearing bros take a time out to fade off into obscurity, here’s some other hot other male siblings who look great in their genes.

James Franco Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

James and Dave Franco

Whether in high profile films like Milk or hysterical funny or die videos, the Francos know how to give good gay role play.


Charlie & Max Carver

The two best reasons to watch Teen Wolf.

The Hunger Games - European Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Liam & Chris Hemsworth

The Aussie hunks make everyone want to go Down Under.


Prince Harry & Prince William

Neither is King of England yet, but both have the adoration of every queen.


Enrique Iglesias & Julio Iglesias Jr.

These gorgeous Spanish hermanos speak our language.


Chris Evans and Scott Evans

Captain America has a real life gay brother. We are all saved.


Val & Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Dancing with the Stars)

Apparently, tan, shaved smooth, ripped bods run in the family. There is no doubt they are abs-olutely related.


The Baldwin Brothers – (Alec, Stephen, Billy, Daniel)

OK, OK, maybe 20 years ago, before Alec got bloated, Stephen went right wing/bat-shit crazy, Billy disappeared and Daniel, um, oh yeah there’s Daniel, too. Long live the ‘90s!

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  • litper

    @Mike you mean the one who looks like a trans woman with bad fashion sense? Are you straight???

  • MikeE

    @litper: Why, are you an a$$hole?

    HA! that’s not even a question to ask, of course you are. That’s the only possible explanation for the kind of ridiculously hateful crap you keep posting here.

    I’m sure any of those three men are countless times more attractive – both physically and as human beings – than you are.

  • dirknerd

    What about Ralph and Joseph Fiennes? I like less traditional looking men. So many pumped up Hollywood pretty boys, a dime a dozen. Though the Evans brothers are super cute.

  • dirknerd

    @MikeE: Some folks just can’t be happy or say something nice. It is a flaw in their character. I think it’s like, I am miserable so you should be too. Just hand them a Darwin award and move on.

  • Dxley

    The only attractive one from the Jonas Brothers is the youngest.

    I don’t like guys with long hair – never have and never will! One of the reasons I dumped my ex: because he refused to cut it. I’ll never consider dating a guy with long hair – never. I don’t want to date Jesus – just a normal good-looking guy.

    I don’t know if something’s wrong with me but I’ve NEVER found Enrique Iglesias attractive. Not once. I’m not saying he’s ugly but he just doesn’t do it for me. He looks like he has a small dick, he doesn’t have talent – his voice sucks. I tried to like his songs but his voice just ain’t cutting it.

    There’s nothing attractive about the English princes. Are you fucking kidding me? It’s unbelievable Diana was their mother because she was gorgeous and they’re hideous – just a fact!

    I don’t know about you but Liam and his brother look like the guys I see walking every day in the streets. Nothing wowing about them!!!

  • frubino

    Perhaps they knew that this beauty will not bear skins into heaven, because we have a pretty tough skin.

  • MikeE

    @Dxley: there’s nothing “abnormal” about long hair on a guy.
    I happen to find it very attractive, despite the hateful crap that that homophobe litper keeps spewing.
    Where I live it’s perfectly “normal” to see guys with long hair.

    but we ARE each allowed to find different things attractive. how we word our comments when speaking about things that DON’T appeal to us says a lot more about us than about the things we aren’t attracted to.

    anyone who says “this guy is ugly” rather than “he’s simply not my type” is probably VERY ugly on the inside themselves.

    I don’t like twinky types, but I’d never dream of saying “he’s ugly”. I also don’t care for mountains of muscle, and again, I wouldn’t think of saying a guy was “ugly”. They’re simply not the type I prefer. What’s wrong with expressing a preference in a way that DOESN’T attack the person who happens to not fit into your criteria?

  • litper

    @Mike do you find Big Boobs attractive too? Pink Dresses maybe? But hey, we just find different things attractive! Like I find boys attractive and you like ugly girls.

  • litper

    @Dxley, it’s good to see actul gay men and not those who like chicks with dick. Long hair is the worst turn off possible!

  • MikeE

    @litper: No, a$$holes who go out of their way to be offensive are a FAR greater turn off. Trust me. You’re living proof of that.

  • jwtraveler

    Just amazing. All of you ugly, pathetic, losers with nothing better to do than trash a lot of hot guys who would never give you a glance. Really pitiful!

  • litper

    @jw there are many hot guys in this list except for two trans women

  • MikeE

    @jwtraveler: You might want to look at WHO is posting what, dude. The only person trashing anyone here is Litper (which is pretty much the only thing he ever posts).

    Otherwise, everyone else is just saying which guys in the group they prefer.

    So you might tone down the Balehead-jargon.


    unless you’re just a sockpuppet for Balehead.
    I guess that’s a distinct possibility too.

  • CMObrero

    @MikeE: You’re awesome!! Keep the good job!!

    I’m guessing now’s the time to stop feeding the troll though.

  • manonyme

    ok, i’ve never fancied myself up on all news and stuff. but in the more that decade tht i’ve known of enrique, how do all those abs (and spray tan, hair) get passed me…esp modeling nutt-huggers.
    tht was a pleasant surprise. i did an experiment in college where i would give up latino men for lent (u know think of jesus and not myself). well i tried two different years…to no avail.

    then there’s harry and william. i am not proud to say tht rick astley was my first ‘ginge’, btw. will’s genetics have ADD, though. charles’bits lay dormnant so we’d fall for him with diana’s eyes. he was all beautiful. then in college the ears protruded and he lost diana’s eyes.(don’t misunderstand-he can still get it, tho)mmmmm

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