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PHOTOS: Just a gallery of some of our favorite gay celebs showing off their salty armpits

Chances are, if you are a man who has sex with other men, you’ve likely had a partner bury his face in your armpits or request that you please lick his.

Armpit fetishism, a.k.a. maschalagnia, is when a person is sexually aroused by armpits, particularly the look, smell, and taste. Natural body odor can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Then there’s the fact that armpits tend to be more sensitive, even ticklish, which can turn people on.

For whatever reason, gay men seem especially enamored with salty pits. So much so that there are entire websites dedicated to gay armpit adult videos, both amateur and professional. The New York Times even did an investigative piece about it in 2022.

All this is to say, maschalagnia in super common, which leads us to the reason why you stumbled upon this article in the first place.

Click from for pics of some of our favorite gay celebs showing off their hairy pits…

Eric Radford’s armpits

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  • eeebee333

    Did you know that the word for armpit fetishism is “maschalagnia”?

  • Rikki Roze

    Come on. Give us armpit fans a treat. Half of these photos didn’t feature armpit views at all. Surely you could find better pit photos than most of these. Shirley could.

  • Kangol2

    Oxtermania. Feel it!

  • Fahd

    I can’t help but feel like this whole article was just a pretext so the “editors” could repost that recent Manu Rios photo.

  • kaal

    Ricky Martin wins….

  • Just.my.opinion

    Armpits are never attractive.

  • scotty

    this is my fetish.

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