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“My personal work is just a document of my life,” photographer Tommy Ga-Ken Wan tells Queerty. “The men who appear in those photographs are people who have featured in my life: friends, lovers, people I met one time at a party. I’ve never been shy about documenting and sharing those aspects.”

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As a professional photographer, Tommy spends his time hopping between Glasgow, London and Hong Kong. But his work has taken him all over the globe.

“What I look for in the people I photograph has little to do with the way they look or the way they dress,” he says. “If it’s not because of an arrangement of external elements–light, lines, color–then the reason I photograph someone–man, woman, pensioner, child, celebrity, shopkeeper–is that I want to know or understand them, and the way I do that is by photographing them.”

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Scroll down for a sampling of Tommy’s work, and see more on his website, Flickr page, and Instagram account

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