PHOTOS: Model-Dancer-Gleek Mike Munich Goes Pop (Star)!

Supermodel, dancer and Glee cast member Mike Munich has been just a tad busy: He’s shaken it up as a member of Vocal Adrenaline, carried Lady Gaga’s “egg” at the Grammys, modeled underwear for Andrew Christian and performed with Ke$ha and Adam Lambert and on America’s Got Talent.

For his efforts, the out multi-threat was named as one of The Advocate‘s Forty Under 40.

Most recently, Munich has been begun producing his own music. His singles, “Beat the Beat” and “Referee” (above), are playing the club circuit, with a full EP due out this summer. Catch him on the road performing at Pride events, too.

Munich took a break to chat about his season in the sun with Scott Wallis of Queerty and Swish Edition.

On working on Glee:

“It’s my favorite project to work on—it’s like family every time I go back. It’s long hours…grueling on the body but a pleasure to do.”

On why he think he was named one of The Advocate‘s Forty Under 40:

“As a recording artist, I really wanted to be someone who comes out and changes the industry and change the way gay artists are looked at.”

On being one of Gaga’s egg men:

“I had someone walk up to me in a bar yesterday and it was the first thing he referenced. It’s an iconic piece of pop-culture history.”


Click through for more photos of Mike Munich, then check out Swish Edition, featuring the full chat  with Mike and a roundup of gay and pop-culture news, at the end of the slideshow.

Photos: Mike Munich, Justin Monroe/Gay Times, Andrew Christian


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  • hf2hvit

    Something about his eyes remind me of a fem Mitt Romney…makes me want to vomit

  • Andrew

    Autotune turned to 11.

  • Spike

    And now for a break from the Atlantis passenger EXCLUSIVE, Queerty turns to faux porn to bring everyone back to the shallow end of the pool. Their insurance doesn’t cover more then 5 gays drowning during any single 24 hr. period.

  • Marc

    Wow. This has to be the gayest thing I’ve seen in at least a decade. Not sexy in the least.

  • MikeE

    that was… awful.

  • Andrew

    “As a recording artist, I really wanted to be someone who comes out and changes the industry and change the way gay artists are looked at.”

    Has he watched his own video? It was like a bad soft porn except the music was worst.

  • UpstateChuck

    I can stay silent no longer. When did the new gay sexy become gorgeous men prancing around in panties like 15 year old girls on their first Southern Comfort slumber party binge? Won’t someone please end this!

  • Mark

    Okay, who is this guy and why should I care? Another smooth twink as far as I’m concerned – boring.

  • QJ201

    “As a recording artist, I really wanted to be someone who comes out and changes the industry and change the way gay artists are looked at.”

    um have you heard of Adam Lambert dipstick?

  • IzzyLuna

    Eh. The video was okay till the dancing started. He went to “kinda hot guy” to “flaming faggot” in seconds.

  • ACLA

    Interesting how people always have negative things to say about everyone else, of course only online, I say congrats to Mike for being OUT & trying to make it. Remember that its not easy to do so… think before you type about someone and their craft.

  • R. Scott Wallis

    @ACLA: Wow, finally. Thank you, ACLA! lol Such haters out there.

  • Philip

    What is with blurring the photos with butt cracks? I think everyone here has seen their share of buttcracks.

  • um duh

    There’s no “i” in “Ke$ha.”

  • Mike

    Watching him strutting around like girl was laughable.
    That was SO BAD I’m embarrassed FOR HIM.

  • Jon

    I think its so awesome that Mike is going for his dream.

    Sometimes i can’t stand the negative judgmental comments on this site…

    Let this gay boy be gay, act gay & dance gay if that’s who he is….

    He still is damn sexy…

    recently there is something NOT sexy about being in the closet and pretending to be someone you’re not.

    the song isnt breaking down any barriers but its still a good listen…

    You boys have got to lighten up and start supporting our gay artists reaching for the stars.

  • Fidelio

    Awwwe, I think this is cute. Granted, initially, I was LMFAO, but quickly realized he is so comfortable in his own skin and confident. Remember when some of us were picked-on for being effeminate as kids? I find it kinda surprising gay people are picking on him for coming off as too gay. Not cool. Dejala!

  • ~PR~

    I think the video clip is sexy… racy. I bought the song in Itunes as well. I always need upbeat music for my daily walks. :)

  • William

    Good for him. I personally don’t relate to the video/song but I’m sure there are people out there who do.

  • Ho Hum

    I watched the video on page one and saw the links at the end of the video to two more live shows Munich has and of course, viewed the pictures.

    Munich’s studio video is sexy, the music and singing is clean although it was a bit strange to see raccoon eyes. The two live videos were horrifying to put it mildly. His singing voice was too monotone for me in one and too off tune in the other. From an artistic stand point, his dancing is kind of provocative but nothing really new. His pictures show an attractive man that is not as defined as gym boys with their muscles.

    Even though my comments may be considered harsh, I think Munich should go where ever his heart leads him and not do what everyone else seems to also be doing. I hope he picks something he can do and pushes it to the limit.

  • James M. Martin

    @hf2hvit: There can be no possibility of a femme Romney unless you think all of his boys are clones, and I am willing to bet you one of them is gay. Mitt is a tough guy, not some mamby pamby sissy, although, to my great surprise, a judge I know said that of him, and he’s a Tea Party person. No, when Mitt addressed the National Raffle Association, he assured them he was an experienced hunter…of “varmints.” (That would kind of exclude Big Horn Sheep and gazelles and wild hogs.) Evidently, Mitt is a .22 kind of guy in a AK-47 world. His opinions are slightly more liberal, too, as when he espoused civil unions but would do nothing to federally enshrine a basic human right.

    Romney cannot be feminized, I assure you. Recall that when Prop 8 was depriving same-sex couples (and thus all the sexual minorities) in California, Tony Perkins’s Family Research Council went bust funding the anti-equality initiative, hand in hand with the much more well-heeled Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Revelations. And recall that before Romney ran against McCain, he admitted to a phone call to the higher ups in Mormonism to see if it was OK for him to cast his hat into the ring. What’s going on in the Republican Party, a race between faiths to first establish a theocracy in America?

  • bambam

    Here go the bitchy Queerty people again. You people love to tease gay people for acting too fem. It’s fucking ridiculous and uncalled for. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it and keep your mouth shut. You coming on here and calling him names is no worse than the kids getting bullied in schools. What makes me sick is that you probably also support the “It Gets Better” campaign, but you still are bullying people. GROW THE FUCK UP

  • fanboi

    GLEE star? Isn’t that a stretch? Chorus member of one of the opposing teams is not a “star.”

  • bradhammer

    Mike is not afraid to be himself and the fact that all of you feel the need to comment on his masculinity just makes you look like fools. Keep being you Mike and fuck the haters!

  • D P

    I find him attractive, and I’ve been racking my mind over how it is or of who it is he reminds me. Reading this post and then watching his video, I suddenly realized that Mike Munich and the actor Michael Ellison both bear some similarities of appearance to the other. I’ve fallen in love with Michael Ellison watching his work, but found that he has given up acting. But, at least here I can still witness the replica of someone I admire, through Munich.

    Anyone else see the resemblance?

  • michael

    I’m sure there is an audience for him but not me. I don’t want ever see that video again as long as I live!

  • hf2hvit

    @ACLA: CRAFT?!?! That’s WISHCRAFT!

  • hf2hvit

    @James M. Martin: Jesus-GOD! You either need to lay off the drugs you’re on or you need to see a shrink and get on some…You contradict yourself like a schizo.

  • Homomofo

    I could care less about his looks or whether he is too twinkly or femme. That said I don’t know about anyone else, but these days I can hear instantly if they are using auto-tune and this song was way over the top with it and filters. That just sounds so ugly. People need to stop using that crap. I wanna hear a voice! Not a computerized sounding approximation of one.

  • Wordsmith

    I’d fuck him.

  • laiq qureshi

    amazing :) just awesome

  • walt zipprian

    I liked it.

  • Gus

    I don’t view any of the *extras* on Glee to be GLEEKS. He is cute…for dessert.

  • Mykey

    not a fan, but i doubt any one of you would kick him out of your bed…

  • David

    OK. The grinding/dancing is over the top and it looks as if he’s dressed in the Dr. Seuss by Lady Gaga collection. Awk-ward! But, hey, be yourself. :)

  • Rockery

    I loved the video!!! Don’t understand the hate for the dancing – but I do not like the song, and the pictures, showing that tired tattoo… girl bye

  • D P

    @Wordsmith: – So would I Wordsmith; so would I.

    P.S. I really like the pic in #8.

  • Tom

    I like a bit of femme in my men – twinkle on Mike

  • D P

    @Tom: — Yes, I’ll have to admit that there *is* something to that. One year at Pride in West Hollywood I was in a leather bar when in walks two guys; both lean, tall, built from the gym, chiseled good looks, and shirtless. They were probably in their early twenties.

    I know, imagine someone being in a bar at Pride, and seeing shirtless men?

    Well, the second guy was dressed as a submissive in black leather chaps, boots, leather straps around the arm above each bicep and a dog collar. He was led by a leash by his partner who was much taller. That’s because he was wearing black stiletto platform pumps, black skin-tight fishnet stockings, shear black over-the-hip panties, big blonde wig, red lipstick, and huge eye lashes.

    Guys all around were looking at them, as was I, because these guys were OOZING masculine virility through their drag. I know there was desire all around because I felt it, imagining what it’d be like to join them in a menage, and unwrapping them to play. That’s when I understood what some leather enthusiast tried explaining to me was the art of drag as an enhancement.

    Truth be told, I’d seen them in that bathhouse on Ivar a few times before and since, and both played with a third they’d take into their room. They were always followed, though much of the time they’d tease. It must’ve gotten really hot in there.

    Ah, memories.

  • Dannyboi2 (@DanyQT)

    He did some nice photos a year back, typical blond WEHO Party gurl , ain’t nothing wrong with that. But, as a Music Critic goes, his voice is dreadful and no auto-tune is going to fix that. Get some lessons from Gaga or The Glee Kids and maybe just maybe… but, he’s not ready and looks will only get him so far in the music industry. I always say pursue your dreams but, you never know he might take constructive criticism and get a stylist and some vocal lesson. His face is adorable.

  • Brian

    Um…. Who was he on Glee? Did I miss him?

  • D P

    @Brian: — I can’t help but wonder if that was a mis-statement, the article citing Glee instead of Fame? Checking the IMDB for any Mike Munich’s listed gave only two, with projects in 2009, 2010, and 2011. The projects listed are:

    Fame (2009)
    The LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (2010)
    Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011)

    And, for the two listings of the name Mike Munich, the second listing has a duplicate of the project in 2010, The LXD. So it very well may be an uncredited part, unspeaking in the background, or quickly, as a flash. Or, it may have been cut in editing.

  • D P

    @D P:

    Hell, since I’m playing the what-if game:

    Munich was a runner on the set, not in a scene.
    Munich was hallucinating when he did this interview.
    He lied.

    Or ultimately:

    He never was in the show.

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