pot for teacher

Power Lesbian Randi Weingarten Backtracking On Endorsement of Legalized Pot Toking

Randi Weingarten, the one-time pick to replace Hillary Clinton‘s Senate seat, is still clocking hours as head of the 850,000-member American Federation of Teachers. And she’s still clocking headlines, in voicing support for smoking pot.

Unless you’re Touré or Arianna Huffington, going on Bill Maher’s show is likely to get you in trubs. Which it’s doing for Weingarten — who, with former RIAA chief Hilary Rosen, makes up one-half of a lesbian power couple — who the other week responded to Maher’s question about California’s ballot measure (legalizing pot possession, growing, and smoking for those over 21) with, “everything in moderation is pretty much fine.” Of course, she only endorses smoking pot “if it’s legal.” Which, under the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act, it would be (in amounts of one ounce or less).

And some anti-drug groups are supposedly upset? Cue Weingarten’s camp lessening the sting of her remarks. Says spokesman Michael Powell: She actually has “no opinion” on California’s proposition, which she “hasn’t read.” Yeah. Because she was high!